Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Life is a Puzzle

And Aiden has all the pieces - except the ones that Boo ate.

Puzzles are the big thing. We started about six months ago with some 24 piece ones (Cars, Spiderman, etc.) but he had them mapped out pretty quick so we tried a 48 piece puzzle. Now he's up to 100 piece puzzles that are ocean-scapes with fish and turtles and coral and dolphins, and he even has a glow in the dark dinosaur puzzle.

When he pulls out his puzzles he always starts with his wooden Thomas puzzle before assembling the big ones - since this takes so much longer, I filmed him doing the small one, just to share a little bit of his puzzle solving process with you.

He's pretty proud of himself!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

House A Home

Hey all, we have been working really hard making our new house a home. After lots of pinterest-ing and IKEA-ing to get organization and decorating ideas I settled on  the Dinosaur theme. And then I reconsidered. You can see why, with my inherent female indecisiveness, it has taken a month to finish Aiden's room.

We decided to save the dinosaurs for the bathroom - which is also almost done and I will have cutesy photos soon, and I chose a new theme for Aiden's room. That is "Aiden."

The theme "Aiden" includes the many wonderful facets of his growing personality and intelligence: counting/numbers. I really wanted to find a way to incorporate numbers because he is counting so high these days, and this makes me happy because I have always had my own fascination with numbers. I count things, I make up math problems in my head, I have a weird license plate game that I play in the car which I should probably stop doing because I have been pulled over way too often as a result.

Artwork -- I don't fancy myself an artist, but I do believe in fostering creativity, I believe I am creative, I believe Aiden has received that gene, and though he is not an artistic genius (yet) I want to celebrate and cultivate his artistic endeavors.

Family -- no matter what happens, we have family, he has family, family comes first. I am a strong believer in family, family is my religion. Both the family you are born into and the family you choose. Aiden has not begun to choose his family yet, but I want him to know always that he has the family has was born to.

Thomas the Train and Cars -- these are the kinds of things you tell yourself, "My kid is going to be smarter than that, he won't like such silly things..." but what it has come to is, my child is all boy and the trains and the cars are the piece of him that he didn't inherit from anyone, he just came to love them all on his own. I can only hope someday he will love ballet and James Frey maybe just a tiny bit.

In the corner opposite his bed, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I will try as hard as I can with the Lord as my witness, not to be a controlling parent -- but Aiden WILL love Harry Potter. He also has the house rules hanging on the wall and that tall green thing (IKEA find) for all his stuffed animals - less clutter in the toy box. Center of the photo, is the Thomas the train table that Mommy and Daddy built for him.

Alright, toy box to the right, sparsely full right now, but has all the big toys in it with much simpler access for him. Thomas choo-choos up on the wall there, nightstand with fish bowl (minus the fish) and my favorite feature - his overflowing bookshelf!

Cars themed bed! And on the nightstand is a photo of Mommy, Daddy and Buggey.

Alright - here's the numbers! He loves them, and guess where they came from...
These bins have been super helpful. One box for all his LeapFrog toys, one for all his Dinos, one for cars, one for tools, one for cars, one for McDonalds toys, one for trucks and one for extra choo-choo stuff that doesn't fit on the train table. 

On top of the shelf is a birthday card from Great Grandma Dottie. He doesn't see her much but she is absolutely in love with him and I hope he always knows what a cool lady she is. She has significantly influenced his dad (and his mom) and I think Aiden has a lot to learn from her in a short amount of time.

Above the bed is some of his artwork from last year - as a reminder to keep him creative and show him that he should be proud of all of his own work.

This is a shot from the door way, above the dresser is the picture that was hanging in his nursery. It says, "All because two people fell in love." No matter where he goes or what happens, that is a fact and it is why he is here. People are always saying they just want to make their parents proud - I think this is a reminder that I am trying to make Aiden proud.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

His early morning attitude, you have to drag him out of bed

Only Frosted Flakes will do, yeah he gets that from me.

His curly hair and his knobby knees, the way the sunlight brings those freckles out

Talkin talk, never misses a beat - yeah he gets that from me

He looks at me with his big blue eyes, he's got me in the palm of his hand - it's like you're here again

He smiles that crooked little smile, no denying he's your child - without him I don't know what I'd do.
He gets that from you.

He melts my heart and tells me he loves me everyday.

He cracks a joke at the perfect time, makes me laugh when I wanna cry.

That boy is everything to me. He gets that from you.

Last night I heard him pray - Lord help me and Mama make it through.

Make sure Daddy knows that we're okay. He said he sure misses you.

He gets that from me.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Change is in the Air

We have been a little bit busy.

Grandma and Grandpa Tennant came to town and helped us move over Memorial Day weekend. The whole process went  very smoothly and amazingly fast. Grandma and Grandpa Deiker helped us a whole lot the week before so that was part of it, but boy when my Mama gets a plan in her head she just gets right to it.

We have so much space! Aiden loves having his own room and I love organizing it! More pictures and IKEA greatness to come :)

In the meantime, here are a couple cute pictures of us enjoying at least one day out of the holiday weekend.

Aiden and Daddy enjoying an Otter Pop!

Aiden being about as cool as anyone can get

Me and the Bubs 

It wouldn't be Memorial Day with out a marshmallow! We haven't had s'mores yet but hopefully things will settle down soon and we can get that pushed up on our priority list!

Anyway, besides moving over the long weekend, Randalicious and I kicked my car shopping into high gear hoping to get a new car before my tags expired.

Also, Frank, who I suspect knows he is being replaced, has been a real pain in my ass. One day last week I only had to jump start once, that was considered a good day. On the bright side, jump starting my car everywhere I went like a total bad ass made me feel incredibly awesome.

But not as awesome as I feels sitting high up in my graduation present:

It doesn't have a name yet but it's going to need two - one for the car and one for the bossy b*tch living in the radio!

So we have been working hard putting together all of our fun IKEA stuff and cleaning out boxes and settling in, really just working hard to make our new house a home. It felt awesome this weekend to take a break and take in a Rockies game with my pals.

When I got home on Sunday night - I found a surprise in Aiden's room...

A fort!
It was pretty cute. Steve was watching Aiden so I could go to the game and when I came home, they were camping and fishing in his room!!

Even more fun, we spent a little time in the new pool testing out Aiden's sea legs.

Of course that didn't wear him out enough to go right to bed, and of course he was up late on his last night before going to Summer Camp :)

This is also a big transition for us. He has been doing so well potty training that he will be moving to the older 3's class soon, new kids, new teachers, etc. But before that happens, he has Vacation Bible School in the morning which consists of very different structure and a much smaller group of kids. He really wasn't too sure about it after the first day but low and behold when it was time to go home today, he wanted to stay!