Monday, July 30, 2012

Aiden's Golf Cart

A couple weeks ago, because of his Grandma's insistence, we decorated for the golf-car parade at Jackson Lake so that Aiden could ride in the parade and win a prize. Everyone in the world and in Colorado has been busy and distracted - myself included, which has kept me from doing much blogging (including a really fun post about Run For Your Lives).

But the pictures are starting to pile up and I want to share them while they are still relevant/less than a month old!

Without further adieu....Aiden's Dino Cart:

Aiden being a Dino near his Dino Cart

The other Aiden wondering what my Aiden is doing....

The boys had so much fun, my Aiden won a new fishing pole, ate a ton of candy from South Shore, have 2 ice cream cones and fell asleep face first in my lap before the parade was over.

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