Monday, January 24, 2011

Outnumbered is not so bad

I don't know if I should start at the end and work my way back or give you all the goodies in order (there's lots of goodies). I guess I'll start with the obvious - the subject of tonight's blog, why being outnumbered is not so bad.

I spent the evening with some of the best guys last night, Aiden and Steve. After going to the wings eating contest Mammoth game on Saturday night, I was craving wings. Steve being as adventurous as ever, decided we should find a hole in the wall wings joint for dinner. It was Ah-MA-ziiiing! Shout out to Jimmy's Wings (also owns Willy's Wings in Morrison if you have had the pleasure). We practically had the place to ourselves and more food for our money than we could handle. About three extra meals each for the week. I was so full afterward that it hurt to breathe and smelling the leftovers in the car still had me hungry!

After dinner we picked up Nik and Grant who had the joy of sharing the back seat with Bubba all the way to Evergreen (such sweethearts) where we went ice skating on the lake in the dark. The apprehensive mother in me wasn't thrilled about putting Aiden in skates for the first time in the dark, the cold and on a lake (way different than a rink). But he loved it!  He giggled the entire time.
On the ice with Dad and Grant
Getting bundled up with Grant and Nik

A puffy little guy
He and I didn't last as long on the ice as the guys did but we got to watch them through the window as they raced each other as fast as they could to the end of the lake and then slid on their butts - much more laughter ensued.

When we got home we got a bubble bath - since Aiden has learned to say "bubbles" they have become a nightly necessity. While were bathing we practiced our funny faces, a new favorite past time of ours...

this is the "oh gosh" face - a new saying we have learned
this is what Aiden does when you ask for a funny face
here he's laughing at my duck bill platypus impression
And doing his best to wash his own face
But as I said there's lots of goodies to get to that haven't been blogged about...

Aiden has been showing his developed thinking more and more every day. I was extremely surprised last week when we pulled into the Wal-Mart parking lot and he pointed at the sign and said "Mall Mart!" of course I made such a big deal about it that our entire shopping trip inside Wal-Mart was spent with him chirping "Mall Mart Mall Mart" - he has since requested to go to Wal Mart every day.

He has also been astounding me with his devious planning as well, no doubt an influence of his father...

The trap is set

Kitty treats become bait
Dexter is caught
This poor kitten puts up with so much from these boys!

Aiden is also learning the joy of slurping noodles from spoons - a mess always results and he usually gives up and plants his face in the bowl.

Trying it with the spoon

Letting Dex help a little bit
Using our face
This kid makes me laugh so much. I can't imagine a life without such joy.

Last night at dinner Steve said something that really touched me, "We are both really creative" I of course thought "well yeah" but when he started saying how I have a side that likes to paint and do crafts and he likes to build and make things and draw them out I really was very touched that he 1. noticed that important side of me and 2. that he drew a really meaningful connection between the two of us.

As we ventured out on the ice last night I thought to myself how jealous I am that he picks up all athletic endeavors so easily and so gracefully and so peacefully. I remember a version of myself that was fearless enough to accomplish such feats and had a pang of desperation for him and wondered how much he must really miss that girl. Unfortunately, the mother in me killed a lot of the fearless in me - now I worry about the behavoirs and words my son absorbs and about the germs on his hands and the cracks in the ice and every potential fall he might have, every future heart break and struggle and failure. If I didn't worry about those things, no one would. But how lucky am I to have Steve there to show Aiden what can be accomplished if you just let go and go for it? I am so totally blessed, Aiden is likely to be a total smart ass and trouble maker in a few years I am sure, but he's not going to be afraid of anything, that's for sure.

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Constant Writer said...

That was so cute about the wal-mart thing! I used to be the same way--except I called it "Always" because that was their slogan--always low prices, always. thanks for sharing and bringing back my own childhood memories :)