Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Special treat to anyone who's following

Back to the's been a crazy couple weeks. Dad is doing better though and Aiden who has been staying with his grandparents in Vail comes home tomorrow. I think I might let him sleep in our bed just because I won't want to let him go.
I haven't had a solid night's sleep since he's been gone - I keep thinking the appocalypse is coming with all the dead birds and dead fish and it's terrifying to think I won't have my son to hold when the world ends. I realize this is ridiculous paranoia and the product of too many zombie movies at its finest but until you're a mom and birds are falling from the sky - you don't get to judge.

Anyway, while Aiden has been gone, I have really been giving my Netflix subscription a workout. I have watched 18 films in the last week and here are some highlights...

I realize I am the last person ever in the world to see this film but alas I have. And now I am going to say the strangest thing you have ever heard: excellent movie, I HATED it. Unlike everyone else out there I am willing to admit sometimes I like really shitty movies (ie Stick It- please don't ask, its embarassing). Just because I like a movie does not automatically give it merit, example...lots of my grilfriends liked SATC2 and thus deemed it a good movie - it was bad, it was so bad, it was politically and culturally insensitive and offensive and the only time that is ok is when Ali G (ie Borat) is committing the offenses.

On the flipside I can also admit when a movie is a great movie - even if I didn't like it. Ok, jsut because every guy in the world makes fun of Brokeback Mountain and dislikes it because of whatever insecurities they harbor about their own sexuality - it doesn't deserve to be called a bad movie because it is an amazing movie! Dinner for Schmucks - amazing movie.

Couple thoughts for thinking though -- the artisit character that Paul Rudd's sort of fiance was working with, was he not a total rip off of Russell Brand in a baaaaad way? Zach Gilanafikas (sp?) was so good at being a bully that I really don't like him now. I realize we are supposed to find something endearing and sweet about Steve Carell's character but I could not do it, I was so pissed at how much he was messing up Paul Rudd's life and so disgusted with how he could not 1. just shut up 2. just go home 3. just stop with the stupid mice - I couldn't enjoy this movie because of the Schmuck who went to dinner...sorry but one idiot messing up another guy's life who frankly was working really hard to succeed was not funny to me.

Awesome documentary - even for those not interested in fashion. Well that may be a bit of a stretch - a little interest in fashion is needed but if it only extends to having watched the Devil Wears Prada then you are set! I learned a lot and I was entertained by the fueding that went on nearly silently between Anna Wintour and her Creative Director Grace.

I was a little put off to hear multiple voices in the movie name Anna Wintour the most powerful woman in the world because uh hello that would be Oprah, but I am willing to forgive it because this movie was so enjoyable.

A total surprise! I was under the impression that this movie was the slow and hard to keep your eyes open following of a minister who would be documenting an exorcism (his last unbeknownst to him dun dun dun) and that it would be a painful watch but worth it for the last mind-fucking-five-minutes.

I loved it, from start to finish. I was genuinely creeped out in a way that I haven't been since the first Paranormal Activity or Fourth Kind. Even more so I think because of my own personal religious beliefs...this one got to me quite a bit. And the topic of exorcism was approached in a way I had never heard or thought of before, very originial. Plus I am a sucker for the low budget ones that blow you away so to be jumping out of my seat and hiding my eyes this much was a real treat.

Oh yeah and the last 5 minutes were a total mind fuck!

Alright - last one was a trip to the theater (by myself - which I highly recommend everyone does at least once a year) because my love for Darren Aronofsky couldn't keep me away any longer.

Another excellent movie - however I am still unsure how I feel about it. I loved the mother, loved the older ballerina character by Winona Ryder and was astounded by Natalie Portman. However, I thought the Ballet Company Director was a reach - c'mon you're telling me that guy is straight???? And I would have been willing to go along with it if the symbolism of the black swan held strongly to the very end, but it waivered for a breif moment when Nina's crazy self believes she sees Lilly groping the dancer playing the prince - so the symbolic prince is replaced by the real prince and all of a sudden I don't believe the character of the French Director anymore - such a shame because he really almost had me convinced.

I was impressed with Mila Kunis' performance in something so intense but in a lot of ways I feels she was still playing her tough girl bad ass character from all her other movies, I know Nina's psyche was running the show but how come we didn't get to know Lilly a little tiny bit more?

This movie was made entirely by the scene in Nina's bedroom where she discoveres her feathers and is completely breaking down and then her legs snap backwards to form swan haunting, so terrifying, so brilliant. It's no requiem for a dream but Aronofsky does not disappoint.

Anyway, if you're looking for something to watch - give one of them a try.

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