Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Every Day Is A Birthday

Yesterday was Aunt Dana's birthday. Since she and Aiden are very close, we went over to Glenn and Maria's for dinner and cake. Aiden's Uncle Erik is in town for a short while so he came with us also. 

Aiden is really interested in birthdays - he loves cake, he loves ice cream, and he loves presents. So when it was time for Dana to blow out her candles he was concerned that he wouldn't be doing it himself.

Luckily, Grandma Deiker is a saint, and will light and re-light the candles for Aiden so that he can have a turn too.

I would like to title this next photo:
Who's Birthday Is It Anyway?

As Aiden seems to have forgotten....

Anyway, Aiden took a turn blowing out the candles, 

then he proceeded to help Dana with opening her presents.

He was very happy for her to have received The Lion King - when he got it for his birthday, the first thing he said was "Dana, look Lion King!"

After presents, Grandma Deiker enlisted Uncle Erik's mighty military muscles to help with the ice cream

and Aiden helped himself to a buffet of toppings.

Of course he was so wired when we got home, I thought he would never go to bed but who am I to deny anyone sugar?

Happy Birthday to Dana, and a very merry un-birthday to us all.

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