Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ladies Man

So it begins...

I took Aiden to pick out his Valentines for school this weekend, to my surprise he wasn't interested in Cars or Toy Story, he wanted the sports pack of Valentines. Even better, they come with cute little stick on tattoos and because they have nothing to do with Disney, they were super cheap.

While we were waiting in line to check out, Romeo strikes a little girl's interest with his tattoo Valentines, and before I know it she was fawning all over him, batting her eye lashes and asking if she could have one...

Almost bought him a pack of condoms...just kidding!

Anyway, we got home and he took a nice long nap. I was putting off doing the Valentines because I wanted him to be in a good mood when he signed 24 of them. Six o'clock rolled around and we started taking the Valentines out of the box...oh my lord...since when do you need an assembly line to put these things together?!?!

Do they realllllly think kids do all the work for this?? They must, because my fingers (which are relatively thin) are way to big to get these little tattoos in the tiny little slits in the cards.

Not only that but all the Valentines cards were attached to each other, so I had to separate them myself - and all of the 32 minuscule tattoos.

After 2 hours of relative cooperation from Aiden, they were all signed. Then I had the task of attaching the tiny tattoos and taping the heart shaped suckers to the inside.

Pre-made Valentines my ass.... 

They turned out good though and by Monday morning I was gearing up for his party.
When I got to Abiding Hope I was so happy to see Aiden's class projects hanging in the main hall! Their class is in the South wing so no one sees their displays but low and behold here was Aiden's "love bug" -- next to Brayden's of course...

Anyway, Brayden's mom was actually setting up the party so I went a little early to help her - cut pizza, do table cloths, etc. easy stuff.

Then we got to the Valentine's bags...trying to get one of each in each bag from each kid...I am sure there was an easier way to have done this, but we left it til the last second and it was difficult to say the least.

As per usual, the kids get their pizza party for lunch.

Then the typical activity is cookie decorating. Each kid gets a sugar cookie, a glob of frosting and some sprinkles. So each kid starts by eating their cookie, then they spoon feed themselves the frosting and are left with a plate of sprinkles. Then they go home.

Maybe it's time for a new party activity.

Once they were all wired up, I got to watch Aiden just around with his pals for a bit before I went back to work. I am really glad I keep making the time for these things.

Those giggles are the best Valentines.

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Constant Writer said...

You always make me laugh--a box of condoms!
It sounds like he had a fun Valentine's Day, and reminded me of the valentines we made when we were kids. I remember being super self-conscious and picking the absolute most platonic cards for the kids I didn't like or wasn't very close friends with.
It's weird what you remember, I guess.
Can't wait to see what they do for St. Patrick's Day ;)