Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Father's Day In March

Aiden hasn't been bringing home many art projects recently. For one thing, what he has been working on will be on display for Night of the Arts and then go into his memory book. Also, he's been working on a gift for his daddy.

Since school gets out in May, Abiding Hope celebrates Father's Day in March. This morning the kiddoes and their Dads had breakfast together at school and exchanged gifts before school started.

Please skip the next photo if you are easily prone to tears...

The big "goose" as Aiden told his foot and the baby Aiden goose is I have no clue what body part!

Anyway, hanging around Abiding Hope has been really important the last couple weeks since Aiden's speech therapist and teacher suspect he might have Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). It's very common, lots of kids have it and never find out until they get to kindergarten so this is a good, early catch and we can intervene now.

First of all, Aiden has not officially been diagnosed and second of all -- all SPD really is, is that younger kids need more physical input in order to process and reason well mentally. Essentially, if Aiden doesn't get to run around enough his body focuses on his pent up energy more than say, story time or a sitting task.

So we are learning all sorts of ways to handle this, mostly from the school since Aiden hasn't had his formal evaluation yet. During story time he has a heavy medicine ball that he rolls back and forth over his legs (the school bought it just for him). After recess the entire class does "wall push ups" which they all think is hilarious but most importantly keeps Aiden from being singled out.

The class also participates in egg hugs together, which Aiden and I do at home and since Aiden seems to seek  sensory input with his head and upper body he gets lots of head rubs, shoulder rubs and back scratches from his teacher...sounds like a spa day more than a school day to me...

Anyway it all really seems to be helping and I am so thankful to Abiding Hope for helping as much as they do - have I mentioned how much I love them??

Sidenote: guess who goes to the potty at school now? And does it standing up like Daddy....

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