Monday, March 26, 2012

Night of the Arts

Before Spring Break, which is this week for Aiden, Abiding Hope does a "Night of the Arts," where the kids' projects are on display and they perform what they have been learning in music class. Last month, Aiden's hoe-down performance didn't go well but what a difference a month makes.

This is Aiden's "God's Garden" artwork - hard to believe I let his hair get so long.

The first performance was all the kids - 2 year old class through kindergarten, with Aiden's class right in front! 
He sang along and did all the dance moves.

While flipping through the program I noticed that his class would be performing the "Eentsie-Weensie Spider." A couple weeks ago Aiden began singing this at home and I thought to myself, "Hmmm, he must have learned the "Itsy-Bitsy Spider" at school."

So we sang it in the car, we sang it at the dinner table, we sang it before bed, all the time, everywhere. BUT - he asked if we could change the words. So Aiden has been rehearsing "The Isty-Bitsy Monster," the "Isty-Bitsy Fish" and the "Itsy-Bitsy Choo-Choo." I felt terrible... but he performed just fine - he's in the grey/yellow/purple striped polo if you can't see him (and he keeps turning around if that helps).

After their first performance, they did "This Little Light of Mine" and played along to the music with hand made tambourines - I have a video of this but am sort of hesitant to post it because my son's enthusiasm, while greatly enjoyed by myself, was not appreciated by the boy directly in front of his tambourine. 

Once each class performed they all gathered on the stage again, and Aiden took the very front of the whole big bunch, I was so proud I could cry!

He did all the dance moves and even took to leading the group like a conductor!

To see the video of Aiden front and center performing - see facebook!

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