Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Martha Freakin' Stewart

I have a Betty Crocker Cookbook. We have a love hate relationship. I think the one thing I successfully made was a cherry cheese-cake pie with pre-made crust. Inside the front cover of my Betty Crocker Cookbook is a small stack of recipes scribbled on notebook paper, napkins, receipts, and what have you. I call this stack of recipes my "Don't Ask Betty Cookbook." It is all the things that I can do, that that stuck up, high falutin Betty can't do.

Well, it seems I may be starting a "Tell Martha to Stick It Craftbook."

I have been trying to get ideas together for making a home made Easter Basket for Aiden and not getting very far at all! So I "Googled" it.

If you ever come to me with a question, "What's the weather supposed to be like this weekend?" "How do I tell my girl friend I love her?" "When does the new Johnny Depp movie come out?" - My answer is usually, "Google It!" - Or sometimes I say, "IMDB it!"

So color me happy when Google turned up Martha Stewart's website for Easter basket ideas. She is one crafty kitten!

So crafty in fact that I would now like to punch her in the face as well as anyone who actually takes the time to make these ridiculous things....

About this glittery creation, Martha says " Being blue has never felt so good. Especially since little presents, such as a vintage blue bird are tucked inside these shimmering egg boxes."

Now listen here Martha...If I attempt this, the only thing blue will be my fingers from pure exhaustion and my carpet from an angry child smashing these stupid eggs on the floor.

Good thing Martha has other ideas...

 Martha says my child will treasure this basket long after the treats inside are gone....yeah, just like he loooves his Christmas stocking when it's empty huh??

Martha Freakin' Stewart.

Well I guess I am on my own with this one...stand by for glitter and vintage blue birds...

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