Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Early Christmas

As it turns out, kids really like presents. Presents seem to put kids in a really good mood.

I can't say whether that was the intention behind Aiden's new "toy" but I am really liking the effect it has on his attitude :)

I brought home an old computer last night, in pretty good condition, nothing special, stripped down, etc. last night. Fortunately, because of bad traffic and Aiden's delayed arrival I was able to get things rearranged and set up before he got home.

Since I wasn't really planning on this, well planning on it happening so soon, I had nothing to put the computer on for Aiden and the monitor being so big made me think twice about stealing space on the train table. So I cleaned off Aiden's night stand and hijacked it for the computer.

Dexter was so extremely helpful with all the cords and plugs :)

Aiden has his own little space in the corner now for watching Netflix and playing games, but we are going to have to find a better seat - not his Crayola Craft Table.

When he got home, I had it on and set up on with all his favorite little shows, and I told him he had a surprise in his room.

When he walked in, he went straight for the blue bag in the background (which was used as transport for the computer) opened the bag and gave me a disappointed look like, "Uhh, Mom, my present is empty, WTF?"

I pointed out the new addition and he got excited!

"This is mine?!?!"

He was hesitant to check it out, still in disbelief, until Randalicious came to help him.

They were really enjoying themselves, and as I mentioned, this early Christmas present put Aiden in a great mood. He was hamming it up at dinner - more than usual...

After dinner, all he wanted to do was go home and play. Having never had to explain what a mouse is and how it works before, I was stumped. I kept calling it a "button" and a "clicker" trying to help him understand what it does. It was probably similar to discussing paint swatches with a monkey who speaks Spanish...

After we played quite a bit and learned about dinosaurs, he settled down on his couch to watch a movie before bed.

I went to the living room to take care of some emails and things for work and as I sat on the couch, I thought to my self - wow, it is so calm and quiet. I don't think any living room has been so peaceful since I was taking pregnant naps on the couch.

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