Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"I Did It!"

Anyone else feel that Pinterest should have an "I Did It!" button...?

Because when you actually pick one of the 70 things you have pinned or re-pinned, or "liked," and get off your lazy, TV watching ass and get it done, you feel awesome don't you??

I do.

Granted, I only choose the really very easy projects that are seldom helpful in the great measure of my dis-organized, dirty apartment. But when I pick one of the "achievable" projects and do it -- I feel like I deserve a gold medal, I mean, I did have to pause Netflix to concentrate for a minute so....that's worth something right?

What I did - 

These are the instructions that I more or less "used" -- I find it hard to believe that all women of all body types can do this same thing and have it fit the same way, so I highly suggest adjusting to your comfort if you attempt this also.

Firstly -- very important to select only your really large t-shirts/shirts your other half may not wear anymore or notice are missing if you borrow.... Because your stylish, smaller, big t shirts will be snug.

Love this shirt, never wear it - too big!

So I begin by very neatly cutting off the collar - this is important because you will reuse it later.

Then I cut off the sleeves - I cut right along the inside edge of the seams but I recommend that if you want a looser fit (haha "looser") you should cut a little longer down the sides like where your armpit is - a la a man who you look at and wonder why he's wearing a shirt at all....

But my sleeve holes we're smaller.

Next, you need to adjust the new neck line.
In the back you want a deep v-shape. The deeper the V (I don't know why this post continues to be so dirty :/ ) the looser it will fit, FYI.

In the front I cut about a 1 inch slit in the middle and tugged at it to give it a worn and torn look - but this is also not in the instructions.

Ok - next, flop the shirt over so it's face down. Pull the back "straps" of your tank top together and grab your collar piece. Loop it through around and through itself once and pull tight as low as you can go on the straps.

Now the collar piece has a little tail left over, so I chose to snip it at the very middle of the "tail piece"

Tie the loose ends up in a cutesy fashion and try on for size!

Once you get one under your belt it goes quick and you make some easy space in your drawers.

By the by, the Hurley shirt was a long sleeve - so be creative.

And really, can we all write to Pinterest and ask for an "I Did It!' button?

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Constant Writer said...

Nice job! You did it!
I always want to do those kind of things too, but I'm always too afraid of messing them up, so I just go on wearing stuff that doesn't fit.