Monday, February 21, 2011

Lets catch up :)

Last week I had so many opportunities to blog, but nothing worth saying. And now that I should realllllly be reading Equiano's An Interesting Narrative - I would rather catch up on our eventful weekend with you.

Friday night was extremely uneventful, as is usual when you have kids. But it's still really important to me that it is a special occasion every week because you should always have somehting to look forward to at the end of a hard week, even if it is just coming home to these crazies! So we baked cookies (by baked I mean literally, all we did was put them in the toaster oven for 10 lazy can you get - the cookie dough is premade and frozen and we didn't want to wash, dirty, and rewash a cookie sheet). We are aswesome...
As any cookie afficianado knows, dunking in milk is mandatory for maximum enjoyment - Aiden has never dunked his cookies before and thought it looked like a good idea after seeing Mom and Dad do it, and he became an instant addict --
Also, he got to test our his new toy box, but not with toys. My dad and I got an idea for a Thomas the Train toy box at Christmas but never got it finished. The deal was he would build it and I would paint it, but the holidays got busy and then he had his little health scare after the New Year and the toy box fell by the wayside. Anyway, Steve has been a huge help getting it finished up building, not only does he have the tools and garage space my dad needed but also the motivation - Dad gets stuck on projects a lot...

Here is the finished built project -- once the funds are available there will be Thomas and friends painted on the sides and such.

Aiden wasn't the only one to test the toy box, Dexter got in on the action too!

After a couple relaxing days at home we headed up to the mountains for some snow fun - in case anyone forgot, it is actually winter (says the girl who wore flip flops today...)

Aiden went sledding -- he is such a snow lover! I would have never guess based on his first experience but we can't hardly keep him out of the snow now. What's more, he likes to eat it, and he won't even pick it up first, he'll just bend over, squat, lay on his belly, ect.. and just lick it of the ground!! So funny.

After sledding Steve and I went to see True Grit. The remake of the John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn. I loved it. I didn't remember it being so funny when I was little, probably because I was too young to understand the humor but as soon as I come across a VCR I will find out what the story is there. The VHS tape was one of the first things I inherited from my grandparent's house - I used to climb up in my grandpa's lap and tell him I wanted to watch "The Rattlesnake Movie" all the time, it was our thing. Watching it yesterday made me miss him a lot. I wonder what he would have thought of Jeff Bridges in John Wayne's role. Barry Pepper who funny enough, played Ned Pepper, was amazing! I don't remember seeing him anywhere else but he has had roles in a lot of war movies including Private Ryan, so hopefully we see more of him soon.

The movie also had me thinking of the Oscars coming up - such a shame that it is all so political anymore. It seems unlikely that Bridges can win again even though he really deserves it for this performance. But if it goes to Jesse Eisenberg I'll be ticked - sure he was good in The Social Network but it seemed like he kinda just played himself, the day Eisenberg can pull off a Rooster Cogburn, then he can have my vote.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot to show you how Evil Kenevil broke a sled this weekend...

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Constant Writer said...

Love all the pics and video! I should dress my blog up more, but I don't take pictures of the things I write about.
PS: In this state, flip flops are ok no matter what season as long as it's not dumping snow!