Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube

I was the first person to say I'd be there no matter what.

Well today was supposed to be day 2 of 30 days of I'm going to stick to it and not let this horrible mood ruin my plans. Though they have changed a bit - I was planning to say that the thing I love most about myself if my forgiving nature but you don't really want to hear anything philosophical from me today since it is likely to be tainted by my mood...

So instead....

 Something I love about myself is my voracity for books, reading, learning, and vocabulary.

Recently, I watched every single episode of desperate housewives (about 150) in a matter of just under a month. And there was a character played by Julie Benz who I LOVE - I have had a thing for her since her Buffy/Angel days. Anyway, on "Sex and the Suburbs" (what I call Des. HW's) she plays a stripper who wants to make more of her life and begins by reading Moby Dick. This is a selection from the list of "100 Books to Read Before You Die" - hearing this my heart stopped...There is such thing?!?! How did I not know?!?! It's like my own personal bucket list. Thanks to my International Baccalaureate Education (I never get tired of spelling that out) I have read 30 of the books.

I ordered 6 from the list to read next (this will be inclusive with the books still on my list but not this particular list) and I marked about 6 more to order after that/ask for for my birthday.

1. I am a nerd and I love it
2. Thank God I read 4 at a time or I would never get through all this
3. is like books for free - I have been boycotting big book chains for about a year now and am happy to see Borders going under

Back to the topic at hand - how silly is it that this list has made me more excited than anything else in months? I love this about myself. The need to read and learn new words and new theories, thoughts, and opinions. The    desire to fill my head with a million tid bits that will only ever be useful in the occasional trivia tournament at my retirement home and the sensation of the last page of a book - it's like the mutual end of a beautifully romantic relationship.

And the smell of books - I have always been fixated with the feel of them. Since becoming a devout Amazon buyer the smell of used books has become equally intoxicating.

Today, I love that I can escape this rotten day with the end of The Historian, the turn of events in The Romantics, a peculiar account of underground tunnels in S. Korea in WWZ, and the abolition of slave trade in Georgian England in An Interesting Narrative.

Oh yeah!
 This also makes my day livable....

Can You overcome this heart that's overcome?

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