Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Big Changes

Late last week, Aiden and I stopped by my sister's apartment to help with some stuff and drop off some clothes. While we were there, I sat Aiden down for a little chat. I said, "Do you think it will be okay if we live here Bubba?" He looked around, hesitant. Then we went into the bedroom and I said, "Your bed will go in here with my bed, and we will have a sleep over every night, won't that be fun?" He still seemed unsure. So we sat down at the table and I told him, "This is going to be a really big adventure, and Mommy is a little scared. So I really need you to to come with me on this adventure, to make it fun, and to hold my hand. It's Mommy's job to protect you and your job to give Mommy lots of kisses so that I can keep doing my job."

Then he gave me a kiss, and we decided to have an adventure.

Saturday morning, around 5 am, Aiden climbed out of bed and came wandering down to the basement where I was sleeping, all by himself in the dark. He then proceeded to play "Musical Beds" between the basement and upstairs for a couple hours, before everyone decided it was time to get up.

Being up so early on a Saturday has perks -- we decided to go get donuts from Donut Hut for everyone (Bre and Dave and Dad) who was going to be moving all morning.

By the time we got the donuts to the apartment, Bubba crashed.

So Bre and I had a nice little chat over coffee and donuts, got organized and waited for Randalicious to show up so we could start some moving. But of course, when you make plans, nothing ever works accordingly. The  movers called to say they were running late and Aiden woke up to join us at the table.

After breakfast, Aiden hung out with Grandpa for a bit while I went with Bre to take care of my paperwork for the apartment and we got a load of stuff moved. Then Aiden and I met up with Mom and Chris to start moving big things.

The first load we took from the storage unit was painful. I have never had to physically move my dresser myself before, the furniture company delivered it when I bought it and a couple guys moved it to my last house   for me so this was the first time I ever picked it up. Holy crap. I never want to do that again.

When we got back to the apartment with our first load, Chris and I were exhausted, so we decided to do a little organizing and my Grandma came over with dinner, so the plan was to take a break and eat.

I took the opportunity to make my first decorating decision.

Then, what do you know, Katie comes walking in -- with a present.

I had suspected that my friend Rachel was planning to come over and help me but that was about it. So when I saw Katie, I was really confused. Sure enough, Rachel came in next with Dylan, and they had a present with them too! Before I knew it, my one bedroom apartment was full of people and presents to help get me settled. Thank God! I was so relieved to have help.

Typically, I really don't ask for people to help me with these types of things because I hate imposing on their time and priorities, plus moving sucks. I can't believe all these people just decided they were going to help and then showed up and got the damn thing done. And on top of that, everyone brought me kitchen stuff!!

When Steve and I divided everything up, I told him that nothing we owned was worth fighting over, so I didn't  end up with much to get myself started on. Which is okay, just stressful. And I am the last person in the world to tell people I need things or to ask for them, so I do realize how truly blessed I am that people just kind of return that karma by taking care of me anyway.

I am so lucky to have my parents. Its hard to always be able to tell them how much you appreciate them and sometimes you just kind of hope they know. But without my mom and Chris and Randalicious I would be totally lost.

After I got to open all my new kitchen stuff, we ate dinner and took a breather.

The Grand-papa's wouldn't take a break though, they kept right on workin...

Grammie made lasagna and garlic bread and salad for dinner, so I was ready for a nap when we finished eating. But, we rallied together and made another big trip to the storage unit for all the heavy stuff. Between Katie and Rachel's cars we nearly cleared my stuff out. And between Jake and Dylan (total rockstars!) Chris and I hardly had to carry anything else.

After that big load, we enjoyed some cake, and the boys got to have the only beer I had in my fridge for their efforts.

The next day, moving was easy. Chris and I were able to finish all the heavy lifting and all that was left was to put the place together. It was so stressful. Since my bookshelves weren't put together, I couldn't put my books away - which constitute about half my boxes. I had to go to Walmart for essential things Aiden and I would need (his dishes and silverware, pots and pans, cleaning supplies, etc) and the essentials sure add up quick.

On top of it all, Aiden decided that he likes exploring and has been continually trying to sneak out the front door at every opportunity. So now, along with my welcome mat, there is a baby gate outside my front door. He hates the baby gate, and has decided to throw things out into the hallway as often as possible, hoping I will let him go get them.

Bre, sensing my frustration and helplessness, came over to save the day. She helped me finish laundry, clean my dishes, put things away and even got Aiden out of my hair for a solid hour so I could get things under control.

Aiden was just as grateful as I was, and showed his thanks to Aunt B in the nicest way...

By jumping on her.

Needless to say, it has been a chaotic couple of days. But that's how adventures are. Chaotic and crazy. A little bit scary. Sometimes lonely. Messy and unpredictable. Surprisingly difficult and surprisingly sweet.

Thanks again to everyone who helped and big thanks to my mommy for making it all happen.

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Constant Writer said...

I love the new design and layout of the site! And I love the pics of your new place! It looks lovely :) The essentials do add up quick, I know. I'm still missing a few things because I couldn't afford to buy everything at once, and I seem to think of something else I need every other day! A new place is a work in progress, and it looks like you've already made great progress! I hope things are going well!