Wednesday, September 7, 2011

having a day....

I am blaming the weather on everything that goes wrong this week. Just because Labor Day was two days ago doesn't mean that Winter has to start right now does it?

While I had an awesome 3 days off work, going back to the routine is really hard. Especially since we won't be taking any more office holidays until Thanksgiving -- that seems far far away.

Anyway, even though it was difficult, I got myself moving yesterday. However, my motivation was delayed when I discovered that I couldn't plug my iPhone into my car radio. This is really not the end of the world. I use my iPod generally except when I want to hear my favorite song which is on the phone. Ugh. I didn't want to force the chord to plug in so I left it alone and went to work with out my morning jam session.

At work I decided I should call the "Schmapple" store and ask about it. Funny story - you can't actually talk to anyone on the phone and if you want to bring your shit in to have it looked at you need to make an appointment. In order to make an appointment, you have to go online. Once online, I tried to make an appointment and discovered in order to make an appointment online you must be using a Safari Internet browser. So I downloaded that, then I got all caught up in this mess about some sort of "One on One Membership Plan" -- really? I could have gone to the store and hit someone over the head with my shoe by now for all this work.

I got myself an appointment and went in at lunch. Of course they were late for my appointment. And when I told the technician that I couldn't plug anything into my iPhone he said to me, "Why not??"






 I didn't go to iPhone college....If I knew why, do you think I would have brought it in here?? Perhaps they thought I was doing them some sort of public service - I broke my phone and knew how to fix it but just wanted to make sure they knew too, so I brought it in to explain it.

Are you freaking kidding me!

Anyway, the guy shines a flashlight in my phone and says, "You broke a piece of your chord off in there, if you take it up the street to the watch store they will have the tools to get it out." This seemed to make sense. Since the Schmapple Store runs on dreams and miracles of course they don't have tools.

So I walked up the street to the watch store. Of course the little guy in the watch store was so old that he couldn't even open his eyes. He looked at my iPhone and said, I can't fix this. Well no shit you can't fix it Captain Obvious, you are a watch repairman.

When I got back to work, I checked the chord that I seem to have broken - it is still fully intact. The people at the Schmapple Store smoke crack!

I hate everything about this company and it's product and it's persnickety, snooty attitude.

And I hate the rain.

But I sure love my Bubba.

He was having a day yesterday also - after a long, fun weekend at the lake he was way over tired. He didn't want to go to  bed at all.

This trend has been showing its face more and more regularly recently. So I decided that it is time to revamp our routine. We need to get back to a good schedule.

So last night, there was no TV after bath - new rule. Instead we had a snuggled up story time. And instead of holding him when he threw a fit, I made a deal with him that if he laid down in bed, I would lay down on the floor where he could see me.

We both laid down, we both crashed.


Constant Writer said...

I LOVE the rant about the "Schmapple store"! I have yet to purchase any apple products for three reasons: 1) Can't afford them. 2) Hate that they're only compatible with other apple products 3) I don't understand those people who think they're smarter than me b/c they bought a macbook instead of a dell...
There's a mentality there that you have to grow into that I have not figured out. Considering I still can't figure out how to use my friend's iPad to play music, I don't think I'm ready for any Apple stuff anytime soon!

Outnumbered said...

Yeah I cant believe I broke down and got the damn iPhone but I think it solidifies for me that I am not and will not ever buy a mac computer