Thursday, October 20, 2011

Adventures in Wine, Decadence and the Ghetto

Last night I had the fine privilege of being one of my best friend's dates to a special wine and food pairing dinner at 1515 Restaurant. She had to do it for school and I got to trail along for fun - since I have been working on my wine palate recently, she thought it would be interesting for me. And I learned a lot! But mostly I ate a lot...

At first I was a little overwhelmed to see our table set up and almost called my Dad for a ride home before dinner even started...

I'm not by any means a fan of wine, but what I do like is sweet and white so I really liked the first glass we had with our asparagus soup (which was awful itself).

That lump in the middle is a whole big egg, which I am not convinced was cooked all the way.

Then came my new favorite wine, it tasted like butter. Which was fitting since I spent the entire day online trying to buy butter flavored chapstick. The wine went really well with the chicken and sweet bread dish we had next.

The bread and sauce was a major highlight of the evening for me.

After that we had our main course - short ribs that had been braised for 48 hours.

 It was so good, I meant to stop eating it since I was getting painfully full but just plum forgot. Speaking of plums, there was a thin slice of seared peach under delicious. One of the most innovative meals I have ever had.

This was the "wine situation" when dessert started

Dessert was like a fried ice cream with basil sauce. I didn't much care for the basil but the ice cream was amazing. The chef used sweet corn instead of sugar to flavor it. I also didn't care one little bit for the Port wine that came with it. YUCK!

It took some serious effort to even stand up when dinner was over. I should have worn pregnancy pants to dinner (a-la Joey Tribbiani)

When I got out of downtown, I happened upon some horrific car accident on 6th avenue which kept traffic at a dead stop for what seemed like forever. Not because the accident was really so bad but actually because all the people headed the opposite direction were watching the flashing lights as it was being cleaned up instead of the road. 

I was in so much pain from being so full I though I might die there. So I decided to pull off 6th ave and proceeded to get lost between 6th and 15th streets (latitudinally) and Lowell and Sheridan (longitudinally) while looking for the least offensive place to barf on someone's yard.

Needless to say, I did not find a non-offensive, well lit lawn for my needs. 

I felt much better when I was home safe and slept like a baby last night for a few reasons:
1. Aiden has been sleeping all night in his bed by himself
2. Homework done
3. Pure exhuastion
4. I had this for dinner...


Rachel said...

I miss Friends... Love Joey! (and thank goodness pregnancy clothes don't look like that anymore!)

Looks delicious! I was invited to go but it was just not in the budget for this month.

I wouldn't think you would like port, I only like some ports (the less brandy flavored ones, ha ha), but I am glad you tried so many new things!

Constant Writer said...

That sounds like quite a dinner! I'm not much on wine myself either--as far as red colored wines go, port is the only one I've tried that I didn't hate. And all the whites I've had are sparkling/champagne, so maybe it doesn't count...
I love that you threw that picture of Joey in there. That made me giggle. I agree w/Rachel. I miss Friends too! I've been catching a few Nick at Nite episodes and it brings back such fond memories of inside jokes and old friends :)