Monday, October 10, 2011

Life is a Circus

Some days you are running around in circles and people are looking at you like, "What the hell is happening right now??"

And sometimes it takes you a freaking half hour to change a light bulb, the more you ask for help, the harder it gets...

And sometimes, you are hanging on for dear life. You can't get your feet on the ground. You can't see straight. And the world keeps on spinning and no one will let you off the ride.


Sometimes you are out there all alone, with all eyes on you and you do everything right and you don't miss a beat...

Other days, people tell you to just sit and be pretty.

Every now and then you have to kiss some ass and wait in line

And you have to keep at it even when you just want to sit down.

And it's all well and good....

As long as you get to dance like an elephant sometimes too...


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