Monday, October 31, 2011

Important OutNumbered Announcements

Hi all,

A few important announcements

OutNumbered is potentially in the process of maybe moving, I have secured my domain name in a couple places and am playing around with things to see what I like. I will keep this page until then and likely for a little while after but that is a big part of why there have been no recent posts - I have spent lots of my free time playing around with other host sites.

New link will come as soon as I make a final decision.

Because I haven't been posting I am stocked full of Halloween pictures and stories and promise those will go up soon, thank you for your patience.

And thank you for your continued patience through the duration of November. I am starting a writing challenge/competition that was recommended by my "blog buddy" and it will not only take a great deal of my time but likely make me cranky, tired, and my posts shorter, sweeter and more picture based.

Stay tuned for all the big changes.


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