Monday, November 21, 2011

Bakin' Aiden

I apologize for the lack of recent posts - Aiden was terribly sick, though now back to his terrorizing self, and now I am significantly under the weather, so we haven't done a whole lot.

Except bake as it turns out...

Right when Aiden first got sick, we made cookie cutouts from a pumpkin pie spice cookie recipe I had been wanting to try since Halloween but never got to, Halloween just wasn't up to snuff this year.

Anyway, the cookies were mainly a dry sugar cookie recipe with a dash of pumpkin pie flavor - the dryness helps with cutouts and the pumpkin flavor is for the seasonality of the cookies.

In order to contain Aiden's mess making we only rolled enough dough for about 3 cut outs at a time, so the process took a while. Currently, we are the proud owners of about 130 cookie cutters, so choosing ten to use was big job for Aiden, but he made excellent choices.

While he took his nap - poor guy was really getting sick (dont worry he washed his hands about 12 times while helping) I made the frosting and divided it up into 6 containers for colors for him. The frosting recipe is now my new cooking secret, it turned out so good I couldn't stop eating it!! Unfortunately, Aiden wasn't up to  finishing the project so now we have the cookies and frosting stored in the kitchen until we are ready to finish.

Leaving them on the table became hazardous because *someone* kept walking by, taking a bite, and leaving poor defenseless, butt-less elephants in his wake...

There were some cookies that never stood a this lion who came out of the oven with his head detached!

I named him Aslan.

Aiden the cookie bistro, got even more baking in this weekend while he was hanging out with Grandma Deiker. And those cookies were even more's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Such a pro with the rolling pin!

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