Monday, November 14, 2011

Creepy Croup Monster

I would say Aiden's cough began maybe Thursday. It was slight and rare. On Friday evening it was more pronounced as we were both partaking in a game called "sleep even though you can't breathe." And by Saturday afternoon, the cookie project I had planned for us (stay tuned for that post) became "Ummm Aiden, maybe you should take your zombie germs in the other room and color and I will let you know when you can come wash your hands 8 times then cut them."

I made plans with one of me besties to FINALLY see Paranormal Activity 3 that night, and asked my sister to babysit -- as long as she was comfortable with Aiden's cough of course. So Aiden hung out with her for a couple hours while I went to the movie.

It was sooooo good. The last 20 minutes was just continual jaw-dropping. Special effects, as per usual, were small, understated, and INTENSE. There was a scene in which it appears one of the children is sneaking up on the babysitter dressed as a ghost - a la white sheet. When the babysitter turns around the sheet collapses on the floor - shnikkies!!

Anyway, Aiden had crashed hard just before I picked him up and so I took the sack of potatoes home. By the time we walked around the block, up 3 flights of stairs and got inside, I decided we were going to be stationary on the couch. He was breathing a little heavy and I was worried about his cough, so call me a creeper but I pretty much sat there listening to him breathe.

Around 4 am he woke up, very agitated, like I have never seen before. Whimpering and crying, and he said, "Help me, cant breathe."

I scooped him up and we sped all the way to Swedish Hospital.

Luckily, the admission people have a soft spot for blonde haired blue eyed babies and got us in to see a doctor right away. Aiden was very cooperative with the doctors and they diagnosed him with Croup -- little did they know Dave already did this, but they wanted to take credit for it.

So next he got a dose of steroids to reduce the swelling in his Larynx (it's viral so no antibiotics) and motrin for his fever, then we just had to sit and wait and see what happened.Unfortunately, Croup gets worse at night for whatever reason - and this steroid treatment isn't something that you can get over the counter so they told us we might have to bring him back.

We got to go home after a few short hours there and tried to get some rest. He did really well most of the day and even spent some time walking around the apartment covered in a white blanket, not saying a word, and creeping me out big time. But as it got closer to bed time he got worse and worse.

Kelly brought us some chicken noodle soup which was so helpful and thoughtful. Turns out, Croup is contagious and Mommies who get it, don't get to sit at home on the couch and watch movies so I got a nice warm meal and after a steam shower we were off to bed....

Boy was it a restless night. If I wasn't coughing Aiden was. We slept with the window open so Aiden could breathe the cold air like the doctor told us, and we spent a couple hours in the bathroom with the shower just running. We watched How to Train Your Dragon and Megamind and when the sun came up it was off to work for Mommy while Aiden when to snuggle up at Grandpa's. This is gonna be a long week for us.

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