Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Festivities

We have had a busy busy week, including trying to get all our Halloween projects done before Halloween.
Unfortunately, we didn't get our Ghostly Cheese Pizza made, or our Pumpkin cookies, but I can probably find a way to make the recipes work for Thanksgiving time.

We did finally get out pumpkins carved.
Well I did anyway, Aiden didn't want much to do with it.

And we got some pumpkin seeds cooked, which I have been enjoying all week at work.

That is supposed to be Dracula...
Aiden's pumpkin was too small to fit a pattern, so I just made a jack'o lantern face.

After carving pumpkins, I was trying to get some homework done so I had Randalicious help Aiden make some Halloween cookies.

With his new fascination with ghosts, this made for some pretty funny moments.

Once the ghost cookie was finished and had a face, Aiden was not too sure about it at all.

After getting spooked (my fault - I just couldn't help it) we thought maybe some happy pumpkin cookies were in order.

Not sure who was enjoying the activity more....

Monday was a really crazy day, I got up super early too put in some time at work, then drove all the way back home for Aiden's party at lunch time.

I was really impressed with his in-class behavior. He did what he was told and he ate a big lunch.

After they ate lunch, they decorated cookies. Aiden simply spoon fed himself the frosting off of his cookie.

I had to go back to work when the party was over and ended up leaving pretty late. Luckily, Aiden only wanted to stop at a few houses to trick or treat (including Grandma and Grandpa's). Once we were there though, he got warm and cozy and trick or treating turned into simply getting a piece of candy from the bowl every time someone rang the doorbell.

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Rachel said...

He is so adorable! I am so glad I got to see him last night.