Monday, April 16, 2012

Oh, I Sowwy

Aiden's communication has improved dramatically over the last six months. And with his new found love of chit chat has also come a blossoming, spunky personality.

When we got home Friday evening, we came home to a crime scene. Dexter had knocked Nemo's bowl off the night stand and on to Aiden's bed. Miraculously, the fish survived with about half a bowl of water but it smelled so bad in our house.

When Aiden walked in and saw what had happened, he pointed his finger at Dexter (a la Michelle Tanner's famous "shame shame double shame") and said, "Bad kitty! Clean up yo mess! Jus look at yo mess."

Of course, shortly after I cleaned it all up and got Nemo back to his rightful place, Dexter re appeared, clearly feeling no shame at all:

Later that evening I was wrapping a birthday present and Aiden approached me to ask, "Mommy, what doing?"

I told him, "It's Aunt KiKi's birthday, so I am wrapping her present." 

At this he gasped and said, "Presents?!"


Then, he gave me his new favorite phrase, "Oh, I sowwy."

Aiden says this in response to almost everything these days - "Grandpa, what doing?" >trimming trees< "Oh, I sowwy."

"Mommy, what doing?" >cleaning the house< "Oh, I sowwy."

Anyway, when he realized it was Aunt KiKi's birthday, he was suddenly very concerned that she may not have had a birthday cake. So he had to call her to find out, then he worked on a birthday card for her - very thoughtful young man.

On Saturday, at the birthday party, he was the only kiddo by a long shot, but that didn't stop him from hamming it up and making new friends. He hugged every single person there good-bye at the end of the night  - some that I never even met before!

He even had a wonderful time playing with the dogs and their toys.

Good thing he had such a good nap Saturday afternoon, because he was really running around all night!

On Sunday, we spent most of the day taking care of our errands and doing all sorts of run-around.
While at the grocery store, he did the honor of holding the list and telling every person we encountered what was on it, "More food."

He even tried very hard to retrieve and carry a carton of eggs for me. He really makes friends everywhere he goes - he announced to the entire cereal aisle that he had to poop his pants and when a friend of mine who works at the store asked what he was shopping for, Aiden's response was, "poop."

Aiden often asks about Aunt B and Dave - this weekend was no exception. He took it a step further though, when he picked up the phone and *pretended* to call them:

And of course, what weekend would be complete without a little song and dance?

Oh, I sowwy - Happy Monday.

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