Thursday, April 12, 2012

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish - We Got A Blue Fish

Aiden has a new pet. Despite my best efforts to get him named "Mr. Boogers" or "Viking" -- he name is, of course, Nemo.

We had to get the fanciest fish bowl and coolest rocks, and what would be the point if the decorations didn't glow in the dark.

Since it was Steve's idea (a reward for Aiden doing so well on the potty) I made him set it up. It was actually originally going to live at Steve's house, but somehow ended up at ours :)

The boys had a really good time getting it all set up and when we turned the lights off to see how it looked, Aiden went crazy! He absolutely loved it.

Aiden actually spent most of the evening "watchin feesh" and changing the color of the light.

Now I only pray that Nemo and the bowl are still in one piece when I get home.

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