Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Cleaning

I don't know if it's the extra time I've been spending on Pinterest recently, or the organization blogging that seems to be off the charts right now, or the fact that we are moving soon and I don't want to deal with all the crap....but Aiden and I have been doing some major spring cleaning.

Every year, Aiden gets a boat load of stuff from an older friend at the lake and in turn donates a bunch of his stuff to a younger boy. We have been sitting with boxes and boxes of clothes for almost a month now...

This is the closet floor here - I keep a few things every year that I just can't part with but this mess is just ridiculous.

I spent two nights working on the project, and it doesn't look like much, but maybe that's the point?

This year I bought all of Aiden's pants big, that way they would last the summer and fall hopefully and wouldn't be a necessary expense at Christmas. However, with the weather so nice, they were in the way all last week and didn't leave enough room for shorts - so I moved all but a few pairs of jeans to a closet shelf and loaded his "bottoms" drawer with shorts.

The jeans are rolled neatly and off to the side, out of the way!

I also decided that Aiden didn't need nice long sleeve shirts hanging any more, so I pulled out his nice t-shirts and organized his "tops" drawer.

Nice, button down t-shirts hanging.

Casual t-shirts on one side, long sleeve t-shirts on the other and tank tops folded for easy access in the front.
Next, I went through his PJs -- he has a bunch, which is good since we are potty training and having more night time accidents, but bad because a lot of the favorites are one piece zip ups - not conducive to mid-night potty-runs.

Stacked by pants vs shorts and on the far side a stack of boxer shorts for when it gets hot out.

Finally, the monster drawer. I keep Aiden's swim trunks, socks, and under pants in one drawer. He has lots of everything - so I used Rachel's/Pinterest's shoe box trick to separate them all out.

 Seeing all those underpants set up so nicely reminds me -- I meant to jump for joy and tell everyone -- Aiden has gone to the potty to poop MULTIPLE times now!!

Funny story about this to follow with my Easter post ;)

Anyway, a big plus to getting everything organized is we know what we have and all the places we are looking at have more than enough room, which of course meant I needed a trip to IKEA. I went looking for desk-related organization things and ended up deciding that I want to decorate our new place with lamps and candles:

And I got to thinking that night - IKEA can really make your mind race - Aiden has put on 13 pounds and 4 inches in the last two months...I don't think the toddler bed is gonna hold him much longer. Instead of moving it, wouldn't it be nice to just store it and have a new bed set delivered - one that's super cute and super organizational???

So that's on my wish list - and I did find a desk related organizer/pin board I loved!

It's amazing that I left that place with just a $4.99 set of tupperware.

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Carlye said...

Impressive!!!! It always feels so good to get his clothes in some sort of order. Looking forward to the next phase! You're the best