Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fun Day!

Every year at the lake there is a kid's day (called fun day) -- this year it couldn't have come at a better time since there is no water left and Aiden keeps asking to go the beach which is now about a mile walk and completely muddy.

These photos taken on a long quest to find the water with my toes.

As I was saying, all Aiden wants to do is go to the beach and since that's not an option all he has at grandma's house is his kiddie pool and crazy sprinkler, so Fun Day was a welcome change of pace for him.

Every year the kids get to choose what color shirt they want and what color backpack they want -- to hold all their prizes.

This year Aiden wanted a purple shirt which didn't surprise me because he is always saying how much he likes purple.

And he chose a pink backpack, which for whatever reason, didn't surprise me either.

We made our rounds through the games, Aiden taking his time to get each one right before taking a prize.

First he went fishing.

Then he did the bean bag toss (which he scored perfectly on, first try!)

And of course took his time picking the perfect prizes.

Magnet darts were a bit harder for him, the "arrows" were pretty heavy, but he kept trying until he earned himself some more prizes.

The big game to play, was darts and balloons. This game had real, big, awesome prizes.

And Aiden hit a balloon with his first dart!

So what big prize did he pick to go with his pink backpack and purple shirt?

A shotgun of course!

When the cake walk started we went into the club house, it was packed when we got there but with everyone outside fighting over brownies Aiden had all the space he needed to make a flower pot.

Get a black turtle tattoo...

And do some sand art.

Just when I couldn't fit anymore crafts or prizes in my arms, we went back outside to play the cake walk...Mommy didn't bake for nothing.

And look! Someone already scooped up my lemon bars!

Aiden did really well when the music was playing and everyone was walking.

But stopping on one spot was harder for him to understand.

After a few times around we ended up with a plate full of brownie bites.

Which Aiden gobbled up immediately. I didn't get a single one.

After a yummy hot dog lunch the kids took turns at the pinata - Mike Wizowski

Of course Aiden wanted more than his two swings, but luckily couldn't do much damage.

After scrambling to get some candy off the ground, we went back to grandma's all sugared up and the two of us crashed for about 4 hours.

Probably shouldn't have been snuggling so close since now I have Aiden's cold but I was way too tired and way too content snuggled in with him to get up. Se la vie.

After nap time, we went looking for a nice piece of beach to play in.

The boys got a little carried away, and I made Aiden shake the sand out of his booty (naked!) on the beach before taking him home.

Uncle Wayne had his grand daughter and one of her friends out for the weekend, Aiden just thought they were the cats pajamas.

He spent the evening playing frogs with them.

He was one pooped pup come Sunday, but I've been hearing about Fun Day ever since we got home.

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