Thursday, August 2, 2012

We're From the Country and We Like It That Way

That's what we tell everyone who comes to visit us anyway. Especially on weekends like this last one.

We were in Eagle all weekend. Partly because I booked a 3 day job in Vail but mostly because my Aunt and Cousins from California were in town. Lucky them and lucky Aiden, this weekend was the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo. Other than Flight Daze, this is one of my favorite weekends home all year.

I can remember the very first year we went with Chris, it was late late at night, they were all but shutting down, everyone left, it was just the four of us and we went around and around and around on the same damn roller coaster as much as we wanted.

Every year growing up the fair was one of our favorite things - I've even volunteered to work at the Rodeo on occasion. 

This was Aiden's first year, so we did everything.

Petting the bunnies in the breeding competition 

And the baby cows.

He wasn't too sure about the goats, thinking they would definitely bite him.

Everyone thought the big ol pigs were awesome.

I didn't pet any animals because really - they aren't that cute and they kind of smell, and really if we are being totally honest -- the best part of the food is the fair and no way am I putting fair food in my mouth after touching those pigs.

Aiden also went on his very first roller coaster -- and he loved it!!

So he went on as many as he could:

And of course we had to do the bouncy castle

We were having a blast! After some silly pictures, a misunderstanding about the lucky duck game and painting a t - shirt, we went on more rides!

My cousin Garret - who Aiden followed around all weekend, was exceptionally great and took Aiden to play in the fun house.

It was such a busy weekend, I am STILL tired! But on top of all the playing around I had to work too.

Natalie and I had a lot of fun hanging out with the kiddos at the Kick It Soccer Tournament.

And we even made some new friends --

Mickey the GoGo Mouse!! Yes we continued to feed it all weekend so that it would keep coming back....But at least we didn't try to scoop it up like my cousin did to a mouse, who there after bit him, while we were fishing!!

These boys have a little something to learn about country living -- only bunny foo foo picks up field mice.

Speaking of fishing...

I caught my first fish!!!

Of course I proceeded to freak out once it was in the canoe with me! I screamed louder when I caught the damn fish that I did when I stepped on a snake!!

Poor guy was bleeding and he couldn't breathe. When I thought I caught another one, my initial response was, "oh no I did it again!"

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