Friday, August 24, 2012

Smooth Sailing

Parent Orientation Round Two -- we soooo got this!

Last year was extremely intimidating, Aiden was starting school for the first time ever, I went to orientation by myself, I was the youngest one there and for some reason the good church goin folks had all sorts of eyes for my tats and piercings.

This year, I knew teachers. Steve came with me. I didn't get lost, and I sat in that tiny 3 year old class room's chair like a boss.

We had to fill out a questionnaire about Aiden - very similar to last year's (What's your child's nick name? Will they bring any favorite toys with them?) But this year it was such a breeze!

What does you child like to do: PUZZLES! Coloring, singing, dancing, play doh, blocks
What do you want to see your child improve on: cooperation/social interactions with other kids, and count higher.
What does your child excel at: Colors, ABCs, creativity/imaginative play, spatial intelligence, animals/animal sounds, memory

Does your child have any irrational fears:
 as I began writing "fear of monsters, we try not to talk about them too much" - I noticed, there were fuzzy "helper" monsters all over the room

After a brief panic attack, I started realizing how easy this year is going to be for Aiden.

The class is so large that there are 4 teachers for 23 students. One of them is a teacher he had helping in his room last year (and whom I suspect he kinda sorta loves).

The room itself is the same room he has been going to summer camp in all summer - on the same schedule that he had all summer.

And if all that isn't enough to breathe a sigh of relief -- when he went to Meet Your Teacher Day, his buddy Bradon was there and will also be a Tuesday/Thursday kiddo!

I am starting to think that it is no coincidence that Aiden began going to school when I finished -- I am vicariously living through my child and absolutely loving back-to-school time.

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