Sunday, March 20, 2011

Boy about the town

Aiden had a very busy weekend. Part of my  new kick to get out and get doing as much as we can when we have downtime. I realize that no one thinks I am a slacker of a mom, what with school and work and all, but my New Year's resolution this year was to work just a little harder - push Aiden to potty train, make one meaningful memory with him every day, be proactive about his interests, be more active myself.

So this weekend, we did a lot of bike riding:

Notice, no pedals - it's a balance bike so that he can get ready for a dirt bike...

We also got to spend the wonderful, sunny day at the zoo with one of my best friends and her sister. Aiden loved it! As always, all he cared about was the monkeys - I think he asked to see them abotu once every 2 minutes for the whole first half of our outing.

Some highlights:

Aiden and the ladies at the zoo

Sleepy lions

Playful kitties

Checkin out those animals with a little help

Up close and personal with the polar bear

Catchin some rays at lunch

After the zoo he took an amazing 2 hour nap (as did I) and we both really needed it. Generally these days we use what Steve calls the corvette stroller (actually a light umbrella stroller that pops up and down with no fuss) unfortunately it doesn't hold much more than Aiden himself and with a day at the zoo I didn't want to carry my purse and the diaper bag. So I took along the "Cadillac Stroller" which is the original jumbo stroller that was part of a travel system we got when he was born - it has space for all our crap below plus cup holders and compartments and all the goodies you need for a day at the zoo. It also comes along with about 20 extra pounds! I definitely got a work out, so our afternoon nap was amazing. We felt so refreshed that we went out for a little bit in the evening too!

Lucky me, Aiden slept in Sunday morning til 9 am - a big shock since he did this on Saturday too! I haven't been so grateful in a long time! And what's better is he hasn't gone through his "throw-everything-out-of-the-crib-before-falling-asleep" routine in like 4 days. 

Times they are a changin, unfortunately not as fast as Aiden would prefer. Today we played softball and he was the outnumbered one. He really wanted to play with the big kids and just couldn't - we worry about him being hit in the head with hard things quite a bit ;) but he still got to have lots of fun!

Playing golf more than softball

Big Swing!

Being cool like Uncle Nik

Doing his best to help Elise in the outfield

Inspecting the grounds

Aiden really has been such an awesome little guy this weekend! So I wasn't at all surprised when he put up with some extensive grocery shopping, but I was never the less grateful and thought dinner with Grandpa would be a nice treat. Grandpa thought chocolate cake would be a nice treat...

Hope everyone else is filling as fulfilled as I am this Sunday night :)

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COmeetsNE said...

Love it! Had such a blast with him this weekend! We need to do it more often :)