Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I started a movement! Now I must get movin'

As I mentioned before, my current fixation is with the 100 Books to Read Before You Die...everyone else too! I had no idea when I stumbled upon this that it would start such a craze among my friends. It's exciting though. I think you can tell a lot about people by what they read so hearing which ones my friends had and hadn't read was really fun. And Carlye and I swapped book reviews at work, so funny, we ended up choosing the same book from the list to start with! I have to finish Humphry Clinker first though because it is all in the format of letters (no responses) and I know I will get lost if I don't do it in one sitting.

Anyway, I am just really happy to have something I am so excited about and to see that everyone else is really excited about it too. I like when there is a new movement of sorts (not a Charlie Sheen type movement) and I have never had the movement been my idea before. Except Frosty's and Fries...I'm not saying I like "invented it" but no one showed me how to do it....ha ha ha I kid I kid...mostly.

In other scholarly related news...it looks like Aiden will be starting his educational career just in time for mine to end.

I've been really interested in a particular daycare and stopped by yesterday to pick up his enrollment forms. Unfortunately, he can't start for 4 more months, but it will be June before we know it. Plus, I just am totally in love with it. I really didn't want to go the route of a big name child care facility because as a kid I just hated it. Granted, I was one of the first kids there every morning and one of the last to leave every night but it always just felt really impersonal and I remember really just feeling down when I was there even when I was only in kindergarten.

So, we are going with a local church daycare that is hugely cirriculum based - meaning it's not just a run around and color all day plan. Aiden will participate in PE, and Arts/Crafts, he'll have reading time, and nap time and all of this is sort of loose and flexible for his class (the 2 1/2 year olds), when he moves to the 3 year old class it really will be like getting ready for school. I don't know obviously how long he'll be there but they have awesome accomodations for kids going off to kindergarten too. Plus! It is literally 1/4 the cost of LaPetite...and at that rate very doable for us.

I like that it's not a forced religious environment but that kids can choose to participate in religious themed activities once a week when they are offered,which I really like! Plus did I mention how affordable it is?

I spent quite a while chatting with the 3 Year Old Class Teacher yesterday, and I got to look through the photos from their holiday parties and parent activity days. This really feels like a good fit for us -- if only Aiden had been born 4 months earlier he could be starting now!

And about getting moving....

I had a horrible feeling going to meet my academic advisor today - like maybe there was something wrong with my credits or I would have special stipulations on classes I needed to graduate, I don't know, it just felt scary.

But I got there, and the scariest thing that came up was MayMester. I can not take one of the classes I need (sort of like a Senior Seminar for English Majors - it's called a critical studies english analysis) in night school. So my 3 choices were - do it 3 hours a day M-F for 3 weeks, or 1 hour a day M-F for 5 1/2 weeks (the final being on July 1st -as in one day before Rachel's wedding) or I could take it MWF 1 hour a day for an entire semester. We are so busy in the fall at work that I decided no way can I do the MWF thing, I just have to get this over with. And I don't want to miss out on anything for Rachel's big day so I will be taking my first and last ever MayMester class.

In order to get financial aid for the summer term, I have to take two classes. So as soon as MayMester ends (actually 5 days after) I will be starting a term based online English class (lasts about 2 months) and then in the fall I will take my standard 2 evening classes and graduate before next Christmas.

I don't ever want to hear anyone say I don't work my ass off...this is going to be really hard. But Steve assured me he will do what it takes to help me get through it and since last year went so fast, I can only imagine this will fly by if I keep my head up and keep movin through it.


Constant Writer said...

Good news all around! That daycare does sound pretty good. I always hated daycare when I was a kid too-also the first there and last to leave most times. I always felt different from everyone else because of that. But this one sounds like Aiden will be getting a wide variety of activities and that's always a good thing.
Summer semesters are always kick-you-in-the-face challenging because of the workload and they basically devour all your time, but the great thing is they only suck for a few weeks instead of several months like a regular semester so it doesn't seem as bad. You'll do awesome. I have no doubts :D
I think I'll get on that 100 books to read before you die list as soon as I'm not working and doing school at the same time. As long as I don't die first. I barely have time to write (blog or otherwise) as it is, so reading time is even more limited. The only stuff I can read is fun stuff because it doesn't require the same kind of time commitment or mental consideration. You can read 3 pages at a time and still make sense of it.
Reading Carrie right now (Stephen King of course) and it's freakin awesome and I'm 60 pages in. Old, scary King is so much more fun!

Outnumbered said...

I am so envious that I don't have any Stephen King in my life right now :( I actually got home from school early last night and thought - I am going to bang out a book! Then I sat on the couch with a piece of pie and Steve....when I got up I said "I am going to go lay down and pretend to read..." went to pick up a book and said out loud "Fuck it, I am not even going to pretend to night" hahaha.
I am really excited about the preschool, it's going to give my Dad a much needed break plus it is literally a block from his house so whenever he decides he needs and Aiden fix, he can go get him :) And Aiden really needs to be hanging out with kids other than his "summer friends" so yes, all good news.
The big pain in the butt about MayMester, is missing so much work. My boss is so flexible thank God, but i'll pretty much be part time for 3 weeks which isn't too bad but I just know it's going to be an expensive summer so I am a little worried.