Friday, March 18, 2011

conquering my fears

I HATE yogurt, as in I am totally and completely terrified by it.

I had a rather upsetting doctor's visit Thursday, in which I learned that the cell turn over in one of my *rather important* organs isn't quite where it should be (likely a result of the same deficiency that has caused so much trouble with my health in the past). Fortunately, there is no significant damage and the doctor doesn't anticipate anything to the magnitude of my stomach ulcers. Never the less, I have to make some changes if I want to keep it this way.

For one thing, I need to start stimulating cell turn over for my connective tissue which involves a really simple yet time consuming pain in the butt daily routine of medicine.

Also, I need to get busy growing some good bacteria in my body since my organ tissues are more susceptible to the bad bacteria by being damaged, weak, and not properly regenerated. And wouldn't you know it, yogurt is the best source of good bacteria for your body. Lucky me.

I am not sure what to expect of the taste because I have always kept it so far from my face that I don't even know what it smells like. And I hate when it gets on my skin while I am feeding it to Aiden, literally I think it will infect me through the skin on my fingers....

After explaining this to the doctor and nearly crying because I DON'T WANNA DO IT, she shook her head and said, "Suck it up, one serving a day from now on."

Drat! "Well," I said, "At least they have dessert flavors now right?" I'm sort of hoping that it goes something like the commercial where the woman tells a friend on the phone how she eats lemon pie, and chocolate strawberries, and key lime pie - and then he searches the fridge only finding her yogurt...

"I guess," the doctor tells me with a sigh, "Better to eat yogurt loaded with sugar than not at all, but eventually you will want to cut back on the sweeter stuff..."

Whatever lady, if I have to put that sh*t in my mouth it better damn well taste like Boston Cream Pie!

So, with a little (okay a lot of encouragement and pep talking) from Kelly, I made it through.

My choices - in case I threw one up

Pop the top!

I got some on my fingers and almost chickened out totally

To protect myself at the last second I covered my mouth

Thinking hard about keepin that bite down

Ugh! Such a mental thing!

All Gone!
Kelly had to all but hold my hand! She might as well have been spoon feeding me but thank goodness because if no one was sitting there with me, I probably wouldn't have done it and said I did.

But it's all for the better and you know what? Turns out it tastes pretty good! It really is just a phobia and in a couple days there probably won't be anymore urge to barf at all :)


COmeetsNE said...

Woman you crack me up. Try it with cereal/granola, that might help with the texture too. (Or cheeto puffs if you are me :) )

Constant Writer said...

Granola is a great idea as long as you get one that's nutty-flavored and not sugar-flavored. I recommend the Mountain High brand because it doesn't have chunks of fruit in it. Those ones gross me out and they're usually too sugary for me. Congrats on eating and LIKING yogurt :D

Outnumbered said...

Thanks guys I am definitely up for the ideas and tips - I'm thinking about trying to make my own just so I can kind of help myself a little more with the mental block.... fortunately the flavors have been good so far, I was sort of surprised that the vanilla wasn't better. But I think once I get a little more comfortable I will start experimenting more - granola, cereal, desserts, etc.