Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One Happy Dude

Thankfully, last night was the end of birthday celebrations for a couple days - which is great because I just can't take any more "surprise!" Fortunately I will be doing a little more celebrating about a week from now but with my birthday being passed it just doesn't seem as much or really at all about me and that's fine because over the last week I have accumulated:

1. Too many unwanted celebratory shots
2. A new bookshelf - which I get to paint (which I really want to do!) but this takes more time that I need to squeeze out of my day
3. A very sore upper body from an awesome powder day
4. Over 1,000 miles on my car in under a week
5. New ear buds to take to the gym which I really need to get to
6. Another birthday party this weekend which will be surrounded by more boarding, more driving and leave no time for homework so I have to take a day off work next week to do a project - again loving the birthday lovin - just not the responsibilities that seem to have piled up while I was enjoying spring break.
7. So many left overs that I feel guilty for trashing but I think if I eat one more piece of cake I will need a new bridesmaid's dress
8. Soooo many clothes thus a huuuuge stack of Good Will boxes which will more than likely sit in the hallway until the end of the Summer

Fortunately, all of this has led to some quality family time that I have really been craving since things have been so busy.
Last night I celebrated my birthday with my Dad, Sister, Grandma, and Steve's parents. Of course a big dinner like this gives Aiden a big audience and boy was the "Ham-Switch" turned on last night...
He took it upon himself without being told to do so - to tuck his napkin under his chin, into his shirt. When I noticed what he had done I pointed it out to Steve who then decided to do the same which Aiden thought was hilarious for whatever reason. Then he thought it was even funnier to just stuff his napkin in it's entirety into is shirt. And then everyone else's napkins too...

He was also having a wonderful night because Aunt Dana was there. Aiden is so enamored with everything she does and constantly wants her attention. Once he had her laughing, it was all over...

After a late dinner, Aiden went for a sleep over at Grandpa's and luckily slept in for him so everyone got lots of rest. While he was hanging out with PaPa, we went for a couple drinks and watched the Buffs take a hard, one-point loss to Alabama. It was so nice to just hang out the two of us and get caught up on what's been happening in our lives and make jokes and share kisses without anyone else around. Whoever tells you life is over when you have kids is a highly impractical and inflexible person. Sure it doesn't happen often but when you get to reconnect with "living your life" every so often, it's wonderful, and it really is all a matter of finding balance and making your own flexibility.

I was so focused on being left out for the first year of Aiden's life that I came to realize - it's a matter of doing what you want, when you can, and with comfortable timing for yourself. I kind of like not caring about anyone's schedule but Aiden's -- in a lot of ways it has been extremely freeing for me.

Stay tuned :)

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