Thursday, May 17, 2012

Baby Book Worm

It is no secret I have a book problem - I buy more books than I buy shoes, purses, clothes and make up combined. I actual have pro-active post-its around the house and work to remind me not to buy anymore books.

Anyway, every time I have to move, this book problem bites me in the ass - half of the boxes in my house are books. Last night I actually went through them all to decide if I could get ride of some (8 actually) and then pack them up. It was a mess.

I have just shy of 350 titles. It's overwhelming to think about how many words I have read, but I digress...while I was doing all this, Aiden asked if he could help, and if he could read Mommy's books.

I told him no, I really need to pack them he went to his book shelf and brought all HIS books out to add to the pile. But they just didn't satisfy his literary appetite, so he perused my books and made a selection:

Oh my little baby book worm.

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