Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tryin' to Find It

There's a road that goes to an old friend's house, where we grew up and we hung out. I've been on this highway for three hours now, and I'm trying to find it. I remember an old pinball arcade where we lived out all of our yesterdays, I'm sure it's torn down and gone away, but I'm trying to find it. And there's a feeling that I left behind, I felt it once running down my spine - the fear of God and the joy of life and I'm trying to find it.

There's a spot on Earth where you can go, to find yourself and free your soul. A place somewhere between hell and heaven, where no one hurts and all is forgiven - a door that leads to light and grace, but the keys are in the darkest place. It feels like I've been there before though I don't know what I'm looking for, but I'm trying to find it.

There was an attic in my granddad's house, full of history I need to know about of a life I've lived too long without, and I'm trying to find it.

And I know you're up there in your room, and I want so bad to heal the wound but I've hurt you in so many ways, and I don't know why you choose to stay, and I know that it's me that let it die, and there's a fire that's gone when I look in your eyes - an innocence I once had, a piece of me you miss so bad, and I'm trying to find it.

Now it's 3 AM and I'm on my knees, while he cries and his eyes look down on me as I search for the book that he loves to hear his Mommy read, and I'm trying to find it.

--Pat Green

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