Friday, May 4, 2012

Parent Teacher Conferences Take Two

Things have really turned around for my Bubba this year - at his fall parent-teacher conference we were confronted with a speech barrier and poor responses, if any at all, to assessment questions. But with the help of speech therapy and some great involvement on behalf of Abiding Hope, he has come a long way.

He perfectly described a scene from a book, counted to 8 with no mistakes (higher with his own interpretation of sequence...) knew all of his colors, cut a line with scissors and man, my kid draws a mean circle!

He is talking wonderfully and communicating about his feelings. When one student pushed him, he was able to articulate to that kid how it felt and to resolve the conflict.

On top of that, he loves going to school! And best of all, he is now potty trained!! So he can attend Vacation Bible School in June and Summer Camp throughout the summer -- then he gets to go to the older threes class in the fall :) When we were talking about Summer Camp, Mrs. Hastings said he could probably move up to the older threes class during the summer since he is potty trained and that might help with their *one* concern.

Aiden, my precious angel - bless his heart, "growls" at other kids. Mind you me, I take parent-teacher conferences very seriously, but when Mrs. Hastings said that, I started laughing. Hysterically. I couldn't pull it together, I know it's not funny per se...but it's kinda funny. Considering last time I was crying after conferences -- to hear that your child "growls" at other kids is hilarious, period.

Anyway, the point is, he likes to play rough. He's used to playing with his doggies and his daddy, and his Lake Uncles - and they rough house. So that's how Aiden plays. Luckily, he gives 3 hugs for every growl he makes but still, the aggression might be tempered a bit by playing with older, more energetic, bigger kiddos.

So proud of my boy, he's really growing up - way too quick for my liking.

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Jan B said...

Hmmmmmmmmm. camp - guess your going to have to have the "watering the weeds" conversation pretty soon.