Monday, May 14, 2012

A Dino-Myte Mother's Day

Aiden and I had a very busy Mother's Day. We went with Randalicious to put flowers on Great Grandma Cormack's gave - and we were pleasantly surprised to see we hadn't been the first ones there.

After delivering the flowers we took Aiden to the Dinosaur Expo at the Merchandise Mart which he had been looking forward to all weekend - I kept trying to explain to him that they were "actual" dinosaurs, life size and much bigger than on TV so he would be prepared. Yeah, that didn't work.

He was really excited until we went into the very dark showroom where the dinosaurs were actually moving and making a lot of noise - even with me holding him he did not want to get close at all.

I got some really cool shots of the displays though!

Eventually he warmed up a bit and started touching them, growling back at them, and he even wanted to go back through the first couple display rooms to see the ones he was so scared of at first.

Lookout Grandpa!

He really liked the ones that were just his size - except when they snuck up on him...
While looking at one of the large displays for the 3rd time, I noticed him move toward a smaller, more Aiden-sized dino. In retrospect I suppose he was trying to touch one of the big ones but when I got closer and told him to smile with the small one behind him, I nearly gave him a heart attack!

He didn't realize it was there and boy did it spook him to get face to face with a dinosaur his size.

There were lots of activities to do after going through the exhibit - even sifting for rocks and crystals, which called for some seriously messy hands which he was not too happy about.

And we stood in line for face painting until he saw a girl come out painted as a dinosaur with sharp teeth and that put an end to him getting his face painted real quick, "No Mom, leave it my face alone!!"

The biggest surprise I thought was when he rode the dinosaur ride all by himself. Not only was I worried he'd be scared of the ride, but also the man who buckled him in and the climb up to the dinosaur. But, when it was his turn, he took off quicker than the guy could help him and got right on that dinosaur!

I was so proud of him! Four years ago on Mother's Day I found out I was pregnant and now here I am with a brave little boy who is off to glorious adventures on the backs of dinosaurs, how is this possible?

That smile is by far the greatest Mother's Day gift I could ask for.

 After the Dino exhibit we went for ice cream, Mommies eat free on Mother's Day at Cold Stone. 

And little boys eat like goof balls!

After an exhausting day, we snuggled up just the two of us on the couch to watch Rango.

 Someday, Mother's Day will be all about pampering and worshiping Mommy, but for today, I'm glad it's just about being with my little Papoose.

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