Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dino Addiction

Ever since the dinosaur expo on Mother's Day, all I have heard about is dinosaurs. "I want to watch dinosaurs," "where's my Chomper?" "Lets play dinosaurs," and best of all, "I'm going to see dinosaurs tomorrow."

Every night he tells me that he is going to see dinosaurs tomorrow, while this is incredibly adorable, it's also a bit sad - because the dinosaurs probably won't be back again until next year.

Lucky Aiden though, he has one of the greatest grandpas in the world who decided to take him to see the next best thing yesterday. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

He had a harder time understanding that the skeletons were dinosaurs - especially the ones without photo displays next to them, but it was still something new to explore.

Along with all the other exhibits, they were there for hours and Radalicious STILL had a hard time getting him to go home.

It blows my mind to see how truly tiny Aiden is next to the skeletons - at the Merchandise Mart they were to scale, but much smaller, so this really put things in perspective for him.

He was a pretty happy guy by the end of the day.

Especially since he got to have dinner with some of his favorite people - Aunt B and Dave!

Eating like a total gentleman of course.

We swung by our new place on the way home to pick up my empty boxes so I could refill them and went home to keep packing - it was very strange, by 10pm I was walking around looking for things to pack and having a really hard time finding them!

So now I have been thinking about what to do with Aiden's room at the new house - I think I am gonna save up for a nifty loft bed from IKEA that he can put his train table under and have a bigger mattress. But in the mean time, he really needs his bathroom put together, because that will also be the guest bathroom - I will no longer allow anyone into mine - yay!!

Anyway, I have decided that fish for kids bathrooms are way over done, and we are better than that ;) Plus, I am so not about the cutesy factor, I get it: fish, water, bath tubs, what a match...well not for us.

Aiden has always been into monkeys, it hasn't been just a passing phase for him, so I seriously considered a monkey themed bathroom. But now, with this new found interest in dinosaurs I have been wondering about making his room dino-themed and worried a bit, that if I spend all that money on a dino room, he'll want bears a week from now. So, to put it to the test, we are going to do a dinosaur bathroom!

Most of the stuff has to be ordered online - dinosaur bathrooms are not in high demand as it turns out, so they don't get stocked.

 But look how cute!

I've decided I can get the basics super cheap at IKEA (a green trash bin, green towels, etc.) and just use these accents to pull it all together.

We have a serious case of Dino-Fever at our house.

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