Thursday, December 2, 2010

and crash...

Welp, last night was supposed to my first adventure into the blog-o-sphere, but after the Bubba was bathed and in bed, the thesis on generational views of politics in Jewish-American Lit was established, and my teeth were brushed - my computer crashed.

Yep, my brand new (well okay 5 month old) 900$ Toshiba - which I had optimized and anti-virused before even allowing it to come home mind you - was making some very special sound effects reminding me quite perfectly of Harry Potter being chased by Death Eaters on his 17th birthday. Lots of "bang" and "crash" and even some melodramatic "dun-dun-dun"'s. I was tempted to wave a chopstick at it and scream Stupefy!

Thank God for my Dad the closet computer engineer who came over at 11:30 last night to help save the life of one infant Toshiba. He also managed to unclog the sink and spot what looks like a quarter stuck in the garbage disposal...Steve fished a while for the elusive quarter which I imagine will at some point show up looking rather polished - but alas it never came out. The sink continues to drain and the disposal continues to dispose as of this morning though so I will consider it taken care of.

Anyway, after all the goings on last night, especially with the computer, I was too tired and definitely more focused on that Jewish Lit thesis anyway so the blog arrives freshly pressed and ready to read this morning from the office which is eerily sunny and warm for a December day in Boulder. There are no complaints here though, the sun pouring through the window has me just about ready to curl up for a cat-nap on the floor. If only I didn't think I might lose my job for it, I would keep a pillow and blanket tucked under my desk for such  occasions.

So for today I am working, trying to get through the day so I can get home to Bubba and the ever-growing pile of homework that will lead me to winter break in one week. I keep telling myself that things will be better and less stress full and maybe even right-side-up in just one week's time when school is over for the semester. 

I try to remind myself daily now how close I am to graduating - there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There will be a degree and then a marriage and then another baby and then a life or something that resembles a life. Just hold on.

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