Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Heartsick Holidays

I guess the cookie baking was just the beginning. Everyday that Christmas gets closer I miss my grandparents more and more. I remember one year that they came over to open presents with me at 2 in the morning because I had to work Christmas day and they didn't want me to open presents without them.

And now I feel as though the only grandparent I have left kind of wishes I wouldn't even come to Christmas.

I guess it just goes to remind you, be thankful for everything you have even if it doesn't seem like a lot...because this time next year, everything could be totally different or even totally gone. Hold close those you love and tell them every day what they mean to you. Keep all of your old photographs and look at them often, even when it hurts. Be honest with yourself if even with no one else because eventually we all have challenges to face alone and you're going to need to trust yourself when the time comes. When someone ruins the plans they didn't know you had - take a deep breath, make a new plan. Even if you're relationships are complicated and messy with them, never give up on your family. Remember, just because someone else does things different than you do, it doesn't mean your way is wrong, especially if you can smile while you do it.

Here's hoping for a happier new year.

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