Friday, December 10, 2010

Once A Judd-Head - Always A Judd-Head

Before we could even read, my sister and I knew every word to every Judd's song - really. There is a story we love to tell and to hear about when we went to see Wynonna around the ages of 4 and 5 and we were dancing and singing the whole time. There was a woman sitting near us who had more fun watching my sister and I sing than she did watching the concert...Well the woman sitting in front of us at the farewell concert on Wednesday, was not that woman.

Of course, I was on my feet and singing and dancing from the first note to the last. Well about 3 songs in, the woman in front of Bre and I turned to tell us that even though we were having fun, we were ruining her life so we should sit down and shut up. If you know me at all, you know I don't shut up, and when you tell me to do so, I am inevitably going to get louder...Bre and I screamed into hear "hearing-aid range" all night long, seriously b*tch - who goes to a concert to take a nap?? At one point we even tried to recruit the drunk guy one section over who spent the whole night shouting "I love you Namoi!!!!" to come sit with us :)

The Judds tell the story of my childhood. Every memory worth note in my childhood can directly be traced to one of their songs. When mommy left it was, "Grandpa, tell me bout the good old days, when the lines between right and wrong didn't seem so hazy...did lovers really fall in love to stay? And stand beside each other come what may? Was a promise really something people kept, and not just something they would say? Did families really bow their heads to pray? Did daddys really never go away?"

When things got hard for Mom, I remember her telling me, "You can never get lost if your heart has wings" which is now one of Aiden's lullabies, "If I get lost while I'm chasing my dreams, I'll find my way cause my heart has wings and I can still feel all of that love from here."

I got extremely emotional when they did "How great thou art" - a song my grandpa requested last summer for his own funeral. And equally emotional when they did "Only Love."

And it made my night to hear, "Rock Bottom" one of my personal anthems: when you hit rock bottom you've got two ways to go, straight up and sideways, I have seen my share of hard times and I'm letting you know, straight up is my way...when you get down to nothing you've got nothing to lose.

I have had some awesome concert experiences this year, I don't know how I will ever be so fortunate in the future, but to say the least I think it goes to show - I pick good shit :P

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