Friday, December 3, 2010

I think, therefore IB, therefore I procrastinate

Incase you hadn't noticed, it's Friday - Friday night actually...I hadn't noticed either so don't feel bad. This week has been one to-do list after another and I am only keeping track of the date based on the Starbucks receipts piling up in my glovebox.

That Jewish American Lit paper? Still unfinished - there must be something in the way I email my professor that screams, "Help! Lost! What do I write?!" because she keeps offering >unsolicited< extensions. The online class was supposed to be finished on the 24th of November which really would have been an amazing feat I will give her that much, but then I got until the end of the I let it go another couple days, and now she says "Don't send it until Sunday - I won't have time to read it until then." Love this professor - hate that I can't just sit and write a good paper with all this extra time I have been given, I owe her that much. But what I have so far is sloppy and muddled and even though I am supposed to underline my thesis for her - I might very conveniently forget to do so because I'm not sure there's one worth note somewhere in there with all the BS....

So since I am not doing my homework, there are some other things getting done around the house...

Aiden's tree is up, lights and ornaments - 3 of which have been picked up off the floor already as Dexter believes the tree is the greatest playground ever after a pinch of catnip. The majority of our ornaments are of the "Baby's 1st Christmas" theme - even though this will be Aiden's second, but these are the only ornaments in our collection so far so that's what we're working with...
And yes...that's The Polar Express playing on tv - we watched it twice tonight, and it really is not a short one, but there are no complaints here because it is the first movie to totally captivate Aiden with a train not named Thomas in a looooong time, thank you ABC Family.

Aiden also got some quality time in with Aunt KiKi tonight - you can't tell but she's giving him a bath and he is trying to explain to her where the bubbles come from. After his bath he watched 16 and Pregnant with us girls - our guilty pleasure - and he was having the best time giving out kisses. For nearly the whole hour-long show, he rotated between us girls giving big wet smooches, priceless.

After a late dinner, the crew sits in front of me drawing up posters for their garage sale tomorrow. All week I've been thinking, "Garage sale in December?" -- but if you were anywhere near Denver today, you know that it was peculiarly hopefully global warming helps the guys out one more day and they make enough to fund our next trip to Vegas by tomorrow afternoon. Dream big, I know.

Thanks for dinner Elise! Kane is very appreciative and will likely fart all night after enjoying Aiden's helping.

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