Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanks Again!

I don't believe that family is something you are born with. Please don't mistake me, I love my parents, sister and extended family (no matter how complicated some of those relationships may be). But my family runs a little deeper than blood. The holidays are a special time for "my family" because we are all in town and close to each other - me and the girls. The one place I am not outnumbered is with the girls. And this past weekend we continued a tradition which has waivered in recent years due to busy schedules, midterms, a pregnancy, etc. My family and I celebrated Thanksgiving - of course not on Thanksgiving because as I have been reminded tirelessly by grocery store clerks and family friends - Turkey Day was over a week ago.
For our Thanksgiving, we of course go all out and do a bird (this year it was edible), stuffing, casseroles, and on and on...and then there is mandatory family time following. No football, no food coma naps -- instead, games! Boy are we a competitive bunch!! There is plenty of shouting to be had with apples to apples but if you can walk away from a game of Pit with us and still have your voice...you are a rock star.

After we cleared out the table for 16, we played games for hours. On the floor at the table, taking turns yelling and screaming and laughing. As things got heated with Pit, Aiden got grumpy so he went to bed a little early - of course who could sleep with a game of Pit in the next room? Well this little boy can, and look where he chose to finally crash...
Aiden is too tired for his bed!
After the gang cleared out it was time to study for finals - thank God I finished that Jewish American Lit paper before dinner ;) because yesterday and today have been non-stop cramming and I think my head might explode if I have to look at anymore homework anytime soon! As stressful as it's been - I have had plenty of time to play too! Saturday night was the Mammoth's first (only?) preseason game and of course we were on the glass to watch them get beat up and beat out...
Boooooo Toronto!
Unfortuantely the Mammoth haven't won a home game in a while, but a Mammoth fan never says die! And we hung out to the last second to watch the fights - they get nasty when the team realizes they have nothing to lose. While I was at the game, I ran into one of my teachers from high school. He had had such a huge impact on me, it was nice to see him and chat and to have him remember me. The first thing he said was "So, have you written a book yet kid?" and he was my history teacher! I was so happy to talk with him and to be reminded of everything I loved back then and to remember how it felt to be pushed and to have things expected of me. Today it seems like I am the only one nagging at me and expecting great things.

Anyway, things are slowing down now - tonight I get to start some Christmas projects - stay tuned for progress :) Finally! Winter break, like a good friend I haven't seen in a while, I'm so happy we are getting reaquainted. 
Nik, Elise, and Grant join us for the 1st time for Family Thanksgiving

Aiden getting tickled by his Godfather

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