Monday, June 6, 2011

All In Good Time

Life is pretty messy. That is the nature of the beast. Following a series of bad mishaps and bad negotiations with unreliable people, we are moving. Correction, we are homeless.

After a couple days of panic, we have transitioned into "just-deal-with-it-mode." This entails packing up what is left of our lives once the majority of our belongings are fed to trash bags, storing it all away as though it is make-believe, pretending that none of it is really happening for a couple days, and then, finally, we will get back on up on our feet and start over.

Every day I feel better and better, a little less breakable, and a little more sure of my self as it pertains to an uncertain future and or destination. For I have the most adventurous and strong willed travelling companions. We are all we have and we are all we need.

I recently stopped caring what anyone has to say, particularly those who never even call to say hello. But in general, words seem to pass me by like wind. If I say that unwanted advice is like dust in the wind, then perhaps I am dulling the reality of the sentiment and potentially abusing the intended meaning of the lyrics. So be it. Your words are dust in the wind.

Sometimes I think people are so worried that they will be unhappy, that they must first ensure that they won't be the first. Or maybe people talk so much about you, give you so much advice, want so many answers...because they wish someone was talking about them, would give them advice, have all the wrong questions.

Love. Be. Be In Love. The rest is just dust in the wind. Negatives are only negative until you find the positive.


Constant Writer said...

I'm so sad you're homeless! I may be headed that way myself in a couple weeks. Had an appt to look at a place last night and they canceled. One tonight never showed up. One tomorrow: we shall see. Ugh, apartment searching is exhausting! I hope you can find another place soon. Good luck :)
PS: Love the Joey quote. Excellent memories of that one.

Outnumbered said...

Thanks, we'll be okay. I'm trying to focus on all the windows this opens for us. It is exhausting, I have decided I don't even want to look until after Rachel's wedding, I just can't handle school, moving, and the wedding at once. I love Joey too -- he was my favorite.