Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tom the Turtle and Other Friends

Typically, stopping at Stub's for an ice cream cone is reserved for leaving The Lake. But after the week I had leading up to Father's Day weekend, I was not going to pass up a waffle cone for anything. Plus, while cleaning out our cabinets this week, we discovered one of the perks of being in our current house - we had lots of people over. And they brought booze! And they left it! And there was no way we were going to finish it before donating it to a good cause (The Jackson Lake Pirates) we had to get something to mix it all with. 

So we got mixers, I got my ice cream cone, and Aiden met the dinosaur.
It's a rite of passage to sit on the dinosaur at some point, if you're lucky like me, you will do so when you are pregnant and no one dares take a photo of you...

As you can see, Aiden didn't like the dinosaur. Not so much that he didn't like the dino, he just didn't like that he was on the dino alone.

After a bunch of fuss, and failed attempts for good photos - I let him get off.

When he go off the dino, he said, "Byeeee Ninosore" 

What a goof.

Then we were on our merry way.

When we got to The Lake, a somewhat smaller dinosaur, Tom the Turtle actually, was waiting to meet Aiden. Papa Deiker found him at work and saved him for us (lucky me). Thank goodness we are moving and taking two pets with us already to my Dad's, because we had an excuse not to bring him home with us to keep forever.

It took Aiden a little while to warm up, but by first thing Saturday morning he was asking non stop about his "tuttle" and constantly checking on it.

Other than some not-so-great June weather, we got to enjoy an evening boat ride which was very pleasant. We also took out the jet skis. This has become one of my favorite parts of going to The Lake. It's something that just Steve and I do together and we always park and swim and enjoy each other for a few minutes. It's so nice to be so far out in the water away from everything. It's weird, even if he's chasing me to splash me or doing his best to land me in the water, I am still so totally involved with how great it is just to be with him and just to be us, playing around.

We also spent an afternoon on the beach, Aiden is quite the water bug. I knew after last Summer he would be. Nevertheless, he surprised me when he just went walking in and pushing his toy boat out as far as he could. It was pretty hilarious, he'd toss it out and say, "Byeeee Butt!" and start walking towards the shore. But by the time he turned around to look back a the water, the waves had brought the boat back and he would stomp his foot and shout, "Buttttt!" Then, immediately, he proceeded to throw it back out to sea, and the cycle went on hilariously for 20 minutes.

Wanna see something funny? These two guys who grew up together at The Lake causing mayhem are now holding chubby toddler hands while the kiddoes splash in the water. Too cute.

Anyways, after a chilly windy Father's Day, we headed home (and stopped for another ice cream cone). Now we are back to packing up everything, stressing about school, wedding-to-dos for one of my best girlfriends, and trying to squeeze in a leisure read somewhere. Wait, did I say we? I meant "I" am doing these things, and Steve is working his butt off telling me not to stress. It's cute that he thinks it's possible I could ever be stress free.

Hopefully not far-fetched though, as I have a spa date with my sister tomorrow night.

Until I have more cute photos -- ya'll keep on keepin' on!

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