Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Growin' Guy

Call us a couple bachelors...or whatever because I'm not a guy...but Aiden and I are on our own this week. And we sure miss Daddy. But we're trying to keep busy - well we don't really need to try since we are in fact, very busy. But, we're being as active as possible so that we get so tired we fall right to sleep at night.

We went to McDonald's for dinner so that Aiden could play on the slide and tucker himself out. It was pretty busy for a weeknight at nearly 8 o'clock but it must be the late summer sunshine in combination with their new frozen lemonades that keep them hopping so late. Anyway, there was a surplus of kids in the play area which was at first a little intimidating to Aiden but he warmed up pretty quick.

Aiden and Papa go for breakfast a couple mornings a week so that Aiden can climb around and Papa can enjoy coffee. While I was watching Aiden climb on top of this rubbery log looking thing my dad informed me that he could not accomplish such a feat on his own as early as last Friday.

Dang. This kid is growing faster than a weed! What grows faster than a weed? A super weed? And Aiden shaped weed?
Look at him go!

And at home, his head is above the kitchen counter top. It's ridiculous. 

When he can't reach something, which rarely happens any more, he has a little step stool that he drags around behind himself at Papa's house so that he can effectively get to whatever the heck he wants.

And he gets his little wheels turning about something he wants, and he finds a way to get it. I am really impressed with his memory - nothing is getting past him. So not only do we have to find new hiding places for things like candy and dog treats, but we have to do it when he really isn't watching because he doesn't miss a beat and he makes sure of it.

And for your enjoyment, I present:
"Aiden insists to Papa that he does have an Owie"
*The first half of the video is just some running around but after he stubs his toe and Papa tells him "You don't know what an Owie is!" - then he tells Papa what's what about owies.

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