Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oh that Aiden

It's been just me and Bub this week again, 2 years ago if I had to do this I would have probably had a breakdown by now. Over the last few days while discussing baby sleeping and eating habits with friends, I've come to realize that, not only has Aiden grown immensely, but so have I.

At some point between when Aiden needed a bottle to where he learned to get his own drink from the refrigerator, I stopped caring about what movie I would see Friday night. And I guess between the sleepless nights and the cry-it-outs all the way to 12 straight hours of rest that come along every so often - I forgot about who I was going to meet at the mall.

 I definitely recall the first bite of solid food, and still I am in awe every time he uses a fork correctly, or stirs his chocolate milk with a spoon. Even though he has done these things hundreds of times, I am so wrapped up in all the little things he can do, that I just plain forgot there's a whole wide world going on out there.

After a long girls weekend, we had some quality family time Sunday night. Aunt B came over for dinner and we enjoyed the sunshine while Aiden rode and crashed his bike all over the yard.

 After a really rough fall, Aunt B nearly jumped up to get him, and Steve winced, but would you believe, the Mommy who used to cry when 2 month old Aiden whimpered, didn't even turn around to look.

Instead, I told everyone else to be still and calm, and just let him get up. It may appear that I accomplished this very easily, but every time, it is a total battle for will power.

It's the ability to know the cries that I have heard countless times over, the ability to trust that Aiden knows where and how to find me whenever he needs me, and the ability to love him enough to let him grow a little.

All you can really do is love them to death.

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COmeetsNE said...

You do such a great job as a mom and still as a friend! I am always impressed at your skills and will power. You have grown up so much and I am always so proud of you.