Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another Date With Aiden

Tonight, Aiden and I had a special treat. We went to dinner with my best friend from college (and the poor soul who lived with me while I was pregnant) and his girlfriend. Since they are both living closer to us now, you would think we see each other quite often. Unfortunately, busy is the word for both of us.

But that makes it even more fun when we do get to hang out. Brian, Emily, Bubba and I had dinner together at CPK - which tragically stopped offering my favorite pizza. Aiden was his usual shy self, even though he spent an extended evening with Brian and Emily about two weeks ago. Also per usual, he warmed up, and hammed up by the end of dinner...

Auntie Em taught Aiden how to use the menu for playing peek a boo

In return he made her laugh

And play with him
Throughout dinner, the boys had their eye on a little helicopter stand outside the restaurant. So we made a stop on our way out so Brian and Aiden could check it out. The guy who was selling the helicopters was really awesome with Aiden. He let Aiden hold a controller (that didn't actually work of course) and Aiden thought he was flying the helicopter which was pretty cute. 

The higher it went the more he wanted to hold it and the closer it got to him, the less he wanted to do with it at all. But Emily helped show him that it was okay.

Then we went to get one of Emily's favorites - Cinnabon. But the Cinnabon place was unattended and when we finally got service, it turns out that they don't keep their cinnamon rolls hot and ready. Actually, it takes 17 minutes for them to cook after you order. So we all settled for cinnamon twists and frosting.

We all sat and ate dessert together and then Aiden and I had to get home. I've almost finished my last Summer class, less than a week and I'm done. Tonight I did my last assignment so all that's left is my paper and my final. It's getting so close. Soon I will have dates with Bubba every week.

Lookin forward to the end of the tunnel.

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