Thursday, July 14, 2011

date night

Every now and then we have a night that isn't all about homework and bubble baths. This week, we had a night that was all about margaritas and street tacos....mmmm.

We went over to The Newlywed's house, because really, they have forever to be alone together and would much rather drink with us, I think.

Rachel, with slight instruction from Dylan (I believe he told her "figure it out") made her first ever batch of margaritas. And she did awesome! Plus she got to use her new over size margarita glasses - it's inconvenient to refill so often ;)

And they were delicious! She did a darn good job!

It was really fun to just hang out with them and help cook in the kitchen. We got all caught up and swapped funny stories from the wedding and last couple weeks of their wedded bliss. 

Aiden came over too, but as soon as Nemo was on TV he wanted nothing to do with us noisy adults. At dinner time though, with all the extra attention of everyone sitting at the table, he of course, had to ham it up a bit.

He even helped Rachel open one of her wedding gifts that came in the mail - by disposing of the bubble wrap properly. 

It's so nice to have things settling down a little right now. We weren't worried about moving or vacation plans, and I didn't even think about Shakespeare (until Dylan asked what I've read...) all evening. It feels so good to just slow down and enjoy your friends sometimes. Especially when you get to have grown up talk - because I am becoming way to adept at Aiden Language for my own good.

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