Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I realize it is Tuesday, but the last few days were a little bit blurry so to me, this is the beginning of the week.

Last Friday, I spent the entire evening writing my final Shakespeare paper. It was due at midnight, and because I was taught to write essays in the IB program, I didn't start my 10 page endeavor until after work (around 6) Friday evening. This class was a bit of a struggle for me. The teacher and the grading rubric made it way to easy for me to do the bare minimum the entire time. Which, as a student who is finishing up and trying to enjoy summer, is nothing to complain about. However, when I sat down to do this monster paper, I really had to engage in what I already knew and what little I read, then I had to make something meaningful out of it all.

I finished up around 10pm and was rewarded with a delicious red velvet cupcake from Kelly. And like the lame-o that I am, I went to bed shortly there after. I was up bright an early the next morning too because I had to hit the road by 9am to meet my Mom.

Since I've been seeing the fabulous Kaitlin, I haven't been traveling to Vail for my hair at all. But for my birthday, I got a free hair treatment. So, since I was headed to Mom's for a night I decided to take advantage. But before I hit the road I made a special stop...

I was so sleepy, I almost started a conversation with this guy at Tipsy's.
I made plans earlier in the week to play in the Colorado River with my buds, so I thought I should show up with gifts...

Once I hit the road, I was getting pretty excited. After the shenanigans of last week's rafting trip, I wasn't sure whether to be excited or scared about going to the rope swing. But once I was on the open road I started to get pumped!

After getting my hair done, I had to make a couple stops to pick up a couple people. The rope swing is a good little drive from where my mom lives so we try to take as few cars as possible. Plus, being located under a bridge on a sharp curve in the highway, there's not much space to park.

When we pulled up, my heart sank. The rope was gone. Typically, this happens about once per summer. The water in the river is really high right now, and since it's tied up below the railroad tracks, the railroad company removes it occasionally because they would be liable if someone drowned or got hurt - since we use their property to fling ourselves into freezing, rushing water - I kind of understand.

So how did we solve the problem? We climbed the steel holdings on the other side of the highway like a pack of monkeys, went up under the train tracks in the trestle and climbed across the highway, above the water, out to the middle of the river and jumped! Let me note here that crawled more than climbed because I am TERRIFIED of heights, and didn't pause to enjoy the experience much because I was so muddy and shaky that I just wanted down.

After hanging and drinking for a bit on the side of the road we made a new friend who lived close by and brought us a rope. So we sent a very drunk Christopher up into the trestle by himself to tie it up.

If you look close he's about 1-1/2 sections of steel to the right of the brick bridge work

And then we did some awesome swinging, which we set out to do in the first place! And of course just hung out and enjoyed the day too...

The Homies on the side of the road
After we left, I was a fair amount of tipsy (pardon the pun) so one of the sober homies drove us back to town.

And then we went to Linner at a little Hawaiian place. It was sooooo yummy!! Then I went home to Mom's to get ready to volunteer for the Eagle County Rodeo Bull Riding Event. If you know anything about rodeo's you know this is the cream of the crop, highlight event. 

I helped take and check tickets and wrist bands. I also did a number on a delicious funnel cake.

Just before the event began.

What a rope-tastic day trip to the mountains!! More on Aiden's fun weekend coming soon :)

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