Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Never Met A Cupcake I Didn't Like

Aiden neither too I guess...

After I got home from the mountains on Sunday morning, the two of us had to hurry scurry to get ready for a celebratory work lunch downtown. Aiden was so happy to see me that he wanted to hang out in the bathroom while I got ready. As per usual, as soon as my giant powder/blush make-up brush makes an appearance, Aiden's interest peaks and he usually takes it to pretend he's painting the wall with it. On Sunday though, he used it for it's intended purpose -- he helped someone special do their make-up...

Boo likes to be pretty too!
After everyone was all dolled up we scooted out the door and headed downtown to City O'City. Since the vegan population in our office is growing, we typically eat at places with lots of vegan options. Luckily, vegan applies to beer battered onion rings and ranch to dip (all vegan recipes) -- mmmm my favorite. And that was followed by pizza - which I ended up scraping everything off of and then dipping it in ranch (yes this is how I keep my girlish figure). The whole thing was followed by mini-cupcakes - we got half Chocolate Cherry and half Boston Cream. Since Aiden was with me, I got to have one of both.

When I said I tried them both, I mean Aiden ate most of the Boston Cream and chewed then spit out half the Chocolate Cherry -- I got what was left over.

Diving into his vegan Boston Cream cupcake

After lunch we headed home to nap a little, then met up with Steve and his parents. Took a little trip over to Rachel and Dylans and then hung out at home. We were planning to go out for a friend's birthday party but my car overheated so we stayed home and I spent the evening studying.

Now that my last summer class is over, I get to do as much pleasure reading as I want. Well, for a month.

I was told recently, that I can no longer go on living what I call an honest life if I don't see the movie The Princess Bride. So I got the book and started it. I am also still working on The 13th Tale and will be adding The End of Mr Y as well as Shades of Gray to the line up.

And because I was in such a good mood Monday afternoon, Aiden got trains.

And everyone enjoyed G-Mone's for dinner.


Constant Writer said...

Don't let people make you feel too bad about not having seen the Princess Bride yet! I only saw it last year, I think, and just because we are movie people doesn't mean we can possibly see EVERYTHING at the ripe old age we are.
It is an AWESOME movie though. I have HBO Go online and it's on my playlist even though I've seen it a few times already!
Hope you enjoy :)

Outnumbered said...

I'm finally getting into the meat of the book. It's not what I expected and reminds me of bits of monty python that I have seen (which I am not sure is good...) but I plan to see it through.