Thursday, December 29, 2011

Getting Ready for Christmas

Aiden was such a trooper this year, with all the confusing goings on I was worried he'd get a bit over whelmed for the holidays but he did great helping me get ready.

Of course it helped that he got to open some early presents - thanks to Aunt Rachel...

He got new, Christmas pajamas and of course hung them on the tree - he is so decorative!

And he was great about getting bundled up and bopping around town to help me shop too.

A couple days before Christmas, Steve and I took him to see Santa at Bass Pro Shops - which I highly recommend. The photo is free, they give you a "line up reservation" so that you don't have to stand there for 4 get to walk around the store, see the fish tanks, and they have a billion free, Santa's Workshop themed activities for the kids to do.

While we waiting in line, we rehearsed with Aiden what he would ask Santa for - How to Train Your Dragon, Race Cars, Books, etc. So of course when he sat in Santa's lap and asked for Rocket Man - I panicked. I didn't ever buy it and it was the one thing he had to ask Santa the hunt was on for a Christmas miracle.

He also go to go see "Arthur Christmas" at the movie theater and LOVED it, it got him right in the mood for Santa and presents and it really helped him kinda piece together all the craziness that's been going on in the name of Holiday Spirit.

On Christmas Eve morning we had Choo-Choo, Airplane, and Christmas Tree shaped pancakes and considered ourselves ready for the big day!

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